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Somnio is an Australian based company, facilitating and coordinating Cosmetic and Dental Holidays, here and abroad. Established in 2009 by founding members Yvonne Cosier & Virginia Riddle-Cross. Somnio quickly set a benchmark for Medical Tourism agencies by offering superior service and personalised care.

Pre-Payment Plan
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Prices & Packages Options

Somnio offers tailor made affordable packages for our Anytime and Solo travellers.

If it is a Group Tour you’re after, then one of our personally escorted hosted tours might suit you. Departing up to 6 times a year!

Savings up to 70% on cosmetic/dental or anti-aging procedures alone in Thailand and reduced costs for procedures in Australia.

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  • INITIAL Enquiry sent to Somnio
  • Submit Images & Forms to Somnio for Surgeons to Assess (via online secure procedure forms)

NO Obligation & NO Charge for assessment.

  • Surgeons Recommndation sent to Client for approval with recommended length of stay
  • Surgeons Date decided and Confirmed
  • Travel Packages discussed & Finalised
  • Pre-Payment Plan set up (if desired)
  • Transfers arranged*
  • Travel & Procedure pre-paid (21 days prior)
  • Compression Garment arranged (if required)
  • Verbal Departure Call to client
  • Depart !

Please note : Somnio Does NOT Charge any fees for their services. Transfer are included in surgical packages with Thailand Destinations Only Clients can also book their own approved travel

Cosmetic & Plastic
Surgery in Thailand

Planning an overseas medical procedure can be stressful if you haven’t done it before. From organising surgeons for your cosmetic surgery on the Gold Coast, Pattaya or many of our other destinations, to finalising transport and accommodation, the team at Somnio can make the planning process as simple as possible. We take care of the hard work, leaving you to enjoy your medical holiday stress free.

Procedures we can organise

At Somnio, we focus on offering convenient solutions for those looking to undergo plastic surgery at affordable prices. These procedures performed by plastic surgeons include breast augmentation, tummy tucks, facelifts and much more. As well as plastic surgery, we can also cater to those looking for non-invasive cosmetic solutions such as fillers or jet peels. On top of this, our team can organise dental procedures for you, from whitening and veneers to implants.

Experienced surgeons on the Gold Coast and Thailand

Whether you are undergoing a procedure performed by Gold Coast cosmetic surgeons or a medical team in Thailand, you’ll receive a high standard of care by professional staff. With facilities boasting state of the art equipment and the ongoing support from our team, patients can select their destination with confidence. We can connect patients with surgeons that can complete a wide range of procedures, from plastic surgery such as breast implants and reductions to dental solutions and facial cosmetic surgery.
Enjoy your medical holiday by planning with our team, contact us today to discuss your options.

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Thailand


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