5 Biggest Reasons Aussies are Looking Overseas for surgery

You’ve heard enough about the potential dangers in the news, but what are the benefits of medical tourism? There are many reasons why patients choose to have surgery performed overseas; read on to find out just some of them.

The Price

This is the biggest attraction of booking cosmetic surgery abroad. Surgery prices in a country such as Thailand cost on average 50% less than getting the same procedure done in Australia – often up to 70% cheaper. Cosmetic surgery in Thailand, if booked through a reputable, accredited agency, with fully qualified surgeons, you know you are getting the same quality procedure in the hands of skilled professionals – just for a fraction of the cost.

No Long Waiting Lists

Elective surgeries in Australia are in high demand, and as a result often have waiting lists that last for months or even years. This waiting time can be increased even more if the patient has to negotiate with Medicare, insurance companies, or rebate providers – as is often the case for reconstructive cosmetic surgery patients. Having the procedure performed overseas removes these complications, so that the process is much easier to navigate.

More Control

Booking overseas provides much more flexibility in exactly when, where, and by whom the patient wants surgery performed. Many patients opt to participate in medical tourism for precisely this feeling of being in control of their procedure.

The Holiday Experience

Many patients choose to combine their procedure with a getaway package to take full advantage of the opportunity to travel. Friends or family members often book a medical tourism trip together, or participate in a group tour program. Going into the procedure with such a positive mindset makes the whole process smoother, and turns the trip into an experience full of good times and memories to cherish.

Better Service, Better Recovery

Since the boom in the medical tourism industry, popular destinations such as Thailand have opened several state-of-the-art hospitals that offer world class service, with hotel-like features, and a nurse-to-patient ratio of 4:1 – double Australia’s 8:1 ratio.

Moreover, because of high demand and short-staffing, Australian hospitals and clinics often discharge patients immediately after surgery. Overseas, patients usually stay in the hospital for several days following surgery, and continue their recovery in comfort in 4 or 5 star hotels. This ensures that the patient has plenty of time to rest up and relax post-surgery, which is crucial for a quick and easy recovery.

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