5th Myths About Boob Jobs

BLOG 16.12.15

There are a lot of misconceptions about breast augmentation. There have been many developments in recent years that have made this type of surgery less dangerous and more successful, but there are still a lot of myths out there that need to be debunked.

Myth 1: Breast Implants Will Look Fake

One of the biggest fears for women going into surgery is that they will end up with obviously fake-looking implants. But as long as you choose a reputable surgeon, don’t go overboard when choosing a size and choose a natural placement then almost no-one will be the wiser.

Myth 2: Breast Implants are only for Woman Who Want ’em Large

One of the reasons why women worry that their implants will look fake is because the most noticeable boob jobs belong to people who went with a size that’s too big for their existing natural foundation. In truth breast implants come in a range of sizes, and most women who get breast implants choose more subtle augmentations, like a 1-2 cup increase. The reason why people with subtle implants don’t stick out is because they look natural.

Myth 3: You will look Amazing Right Away

After surgery the implants will be sitting higher on your chest due to swelling and the tightening of the chest muscles. But after a few weeks or months your breasts will settle back into a more natural position.

Myth 4: You’ll have the Perfect Body after Implants

While larger breasts will make your waist look smaller and hips look shapelier, there’s only so much your breasts can do. Many women expect to look like a swimsuit model after surgery, which will often lead to disappointment. Remember to keep your expectations realistic and remember that you’re going in for breast implants, not a whole new body.

Myth 5: Breast Implants Last a Lifetime

Many women think that breasts implants are for life, but this isn’t actually the case. Most implant manufacturers recommend that you replace them every ten years. While that might not be essential, and many surgeons won’t recommend having them replaced unless there’s a reason to do so, most breast implants will need to be replaced at least once in a woman’s lifetime.

This is just a few of the most common misconceptions about breast implants. If there is anything about breast augmentations that you aren’t sure about it’s best to discuss them with your surgeon, as they can help you to understand the procedure and dispel any misconceptions you might have.