6 Ways To Make Travelling Easier

Regardless of what type of trip you’re on, there are steps you can take to ease an overseas journey. Here are 6 of our favourite international travel tips:

1.Set up your mobile phone situation: Your mobile phone company is probably happy to upsell you service that will work worldwide, at a premium rate of course. If your phone is unlocked to use any carrier, all you need to do is buy a SIM card on arrival and pop it in. If it’s not, it’s probably worth it to buy a burner phone once you land – they’re cheaper to use and you won’t be as upset if you lose it while you’re travelling.

2.Buy a portable battery pack: Having a charging outlet is hardly guaranteed on flights anymore, so be sure to bring a portable charger with you. Also when travelling internationally, the wall power points will not always be the same as the ones you have! Be sure to buy a wall adapter also.

3.Eat your veggies and use some hand sanitiser: Everyone gets jet lag, and lots of people get a cold while traveling. The simplest way to keep your health up is to make sure you’re disinfected and packed with nutrients. Somnio will provide all of our clients with a tube of hand sanitiser!

4.Make your luggage easy to spot: Don’t do the basic move of tying a red ribbon on your black bag. Use anything you can find that’s bright or sparkly as a luggage tag to make sure your stuff sticks out at baggage claim.

5.Drink Water Constantly:Considering about 60% of the body is made up of water, it’s imperative that you keep replenishing your body throughout the day especially when you’re traveling! Flights and long car rides can dehydrate the body quickly, so make sure you’re getting your 8 glasses worth and then some.

6.Prepare Multiple Playlists:Music has the power to change our outlooks and attitudes, so create a few playlists for yourself that serve different functions. Start with an upbeat playlist for when you want to feel pumped up and a peaceful playlist for when you need to zen out.


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