About Somnio

‘Somnio’ is a Latin word that means ‘To Dream’. Established in 2009 quickly set a benchmark for Medical Tourism agencies by offering superior service and personalised care.


Somnio partner with Surgeons that are only Plastic/Reconstructive surgeons and all perform their procedures in Accredited Private Hospitals throughout Thailand and Australia. Who to date have performed thousands of procedures for Somnio clients.
Somnio concentrate all aspects of Plastic Surgery and not just Breast Implant procedures. And we find our clientele demographics range from 23yrs – 55yrs. Offering a diverse range of services, procedures and destinations means we don’t fall in the trap of just ‘boob jobs’.. Majority of our clients book complex multiple procedures.

In late 2013 Somnio partnered with a qualified Plastic Surgeon right here on the Gold Coast, Australia. And over the last few years Somnio has seen the numbers of surgeries grow rapidly for our local Surgeon. Breast Lift with Implants to Mummy Makeovers … at a much more affordable price previously offered in Australia in the past.

In recent times – Somnio has expanded their Medical Specialists in Bangkok to include: World Medical Centre , Piyavate Hospital  and and Phyathai 2 International Hospital.

And, unlike other agencies, Somnio does not employ trainee plastic surgeons nor cosmetic surgeons. And all our surgeons complete the procedures under a general anaesthetic personally, they do not monitor or oversea someone else performing the procedures at any Academy’s.


Somnio guarantees you will pay the exact same amount offered by our Hospital and Clinics.

Abolishing all it’s agent and booking fees in 2013, after building a sustainable rapport with our Hospitals and Plastic Surgeons, meant we stayed competitive in the market with the decline of the AUD. And were able to maintain affordable package prices both here and abroad. Somnio also have contractual agreements with all our partner Hospitals, Surgeons and Clinics meaning there are NO fees or increased surgery costs for any of our clients. Somnio like all agencies works on referral fees with each Hospital/Surgeon.


Somnio are also affiliated with Corporate Flight Centre for all your flight, accommodation and travel insurance needs, if required. We also work closely with Global Protective Solutions to offer our clients additional Medical Tourism Coverage should they feel this may be required.
Our Travel Back Warranty has been a very important step, implemented in 2016. Covering our clients return travel (flights & accommodation) in the event of any post surgery complications, that the Hospital Board deem corrective work is required..

Teamed with the best hand-picked PRIVATE Hospitals, qualified Hospital Coordinators, Internationally Accredited Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and Specialists within Thailand and Australia means you are 100% supported and assisted for your pending Cosmetic or Dental Holiday.

Somnio facilitates between 15-20 procedures per month both here and abroad combined, and have vowed to keep our clientèle manageable so you don’t become just a ‘number’. Offering superior service, privacy, anonymity and confidentiality.

Originality, Efficient Service, Post Surgery Care, Attention to Detail and Superior Locations, are the factors that set SOMNIO apart. At Somnio Medical we believe in client Satisfaction, Privacy, Comfort, Quality and importantly, continued care and support here and abroad.

The Somnio Team

The Somnio Team are compassionate, patient, understanding, approachable and experienced in surgeries abroad; having either experienced a dental or cosmetic procedure first-hand or been present literally holding the hand of a client in consults, treatment rooms or seeing them in and out of surgery. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our understanding.

  • We will not compromise on quality in order to secure a client. Our focus is on finding the right flight, accommodation and hospital for our clients with a view to establishing successful long-term relationships.
  • NO AGENCY FEES … no surprises.
  • We DO NOT use our clients before and after images for any social media. These images are used for educational purposes for REAL potential clients looking at having a procedure and are kept in a secure part of our website.
  • We do not have any policies asking for bonds or deposits UNTIL surgery dates and all related costs are confirmed.
  • Absolute belief in the quality of product we offer. With many successful stories and images we can share with you.
  • We offer a FORUM for all clients, Men and Women, no discrimination. It is hard to monitor the sex of a Facebook user, therefore for security reasons ask that no nudity is shown on these sites for privacy and client discretion unless private messaging has been agreed upon.

Return Travel Warranty