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About Somnio

Somnio is a Latin word that means ‘To Dream’.

Somnio was established in 2009 quickly set a benchmark for Medical Tourism agencies by offering superior service and personalised care. Virginia took helm of the company solo in late 2012 alone, amidst of the departure of her business partner and immediately attracted the attention of Channel 7 Sunday Night Show, News Limited and more recently SBS all covering different aspect of the company; as well as travelling with Somnio on Group Tour and visiting us in our Gold Coast office. December 2012 saw Somnio add a new addition to the company – Somnio Phuket! With the client numbers growing the company set about introducing a ground care Somnio Team to ensure clients were also looked after while abroad in Phuket.

In Late 2013 Somnio then broke the ‘code’ and was the first agency to introduce procedures at home with a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic for their clients initially in Sydney, moving into the Gold Coast in 2014 utilising one the best Plastic surgeons and Private Hospitals.

In recent times – Somnio has expanded their Medical Specialists in Bangkok to include: Bangpakok9 Hospital and their 6 Plastic/reconstructive surgeons, Dr Boonchai who operates from the Phyathai 2 International Hospital and Dr Thanakom out of Piyavate Hospital.

Teamed with the best hand-picked PRIVATE Hospitals, qualified Hospital Coordinators, Internationally Accredited Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and Specialists within Thailand and Australia, Somnio is continuing to grow from strength to strength with new Hospitals and destinations on the horizon…!

Somnio facilitates between 20-30 surgery’s a month both here and abroad combined, and have vowed to keep our clientèle manageable so you don’t become just a ‘number’. Offering superior service, privacy, anonimty and confidentiality.

Originality, Efficient Service, Post Surgery Care, Attention to Detail and Superior Locations, are the factors that set SOMNIO apart. At Somnio Medical we believe in client Satisfaction, Privacy, Comfort, Quality and importantly, continued care and support here and abroad.

The Somnio Team

The Somnio Team are compassionate, patient, understanding, approachable and experienced in surgeries abroad; having either experienced a dental or cosmetic procedure first-hand or been present literally holding the hand of a client in consults, treatment rooms or seeing them in and out of surgery.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and our understanding. With Virginia and Tammy at the helm in Australia & Phuket, you can rest assured your medical holiday will run seamlessly and you will have constant support and contact with the team should you need!

  • We will not compromise on quality in order to secure a client. Our focus is on finding the right flight, accommodation and hospital for our clients with a view to establishing successful long-term relationships.
  • NO AGENCY FEES … no surprises.
  • We invest heavily in training and development to ensure WE have the skills and product knowledge to meet our client needs. Offering you the FACTS when selecting your desired Treatment or procedure.
  • Absolute belief in the quality of product we offer. With many successful stories and images we can share with you.
  • More information about Somnio’s Return Travel Cover?

Return Travel Warranty

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