Anti-Aging, Prevention or Cure?

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Anti-Aging – Why prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure. We hear it all the time. But why do we still wait until we have dirt like stains on our cheeks & crêpey crow’s feet around the eyes before we actually go seek advice from a skin care professional?

When was the first time you looked in the mirror & gained an interest in the signs of aging? If you are from the Baby Booming or Gen X generation, I’m going to take a stab in the dark here & say I’m sure it wasn’t in your 20s? The reason for this is because back in the day of baby oil, sunbaking & Oil Of Ulay (Olay), we weren’t educated on the importance of skincare or the dangers of daily UV exposure.

Coming into 21st century was when the Beauty industry began to flourish. The marriage of cosmetics & pharmaceutical products, “Cosmeceuticals” fast became the rave. Doctors & scientists had researched the effects of UV, the difference between your chemical & physical barriers against the sun, were thrown into the spotlight. This bought all types of revolutionary sunscreens to protect the skin, serums to reverse the signs aging and tyrosine kinase inhibitors for the damage that has been done.

20s – All about protection of your skin. The peak period for to sun damage your skin in Australia is between 18 & 25 years old. Stay out of the sun, protect your skin & use a Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is lightening, tightening & brightening! Keep your skin hydrated & feed it with the good stuff (like sleep & water). The priorities in your life include partying, day after day in the sun on the beach, traveling & “enjoying life” right? YOLO? Your money is all tied up having fun. You don’t want waste $200 serums for your face when that can buy so much more. OK, but use sunscreen daily, protect your skin from the damage now, rather than pay for it later in life.

If you do have the money, the occasional Facial, Microdermabrasion & Peel will refresh any tired looking skin.

30s – You’ve completed your “Saturn Return”, you feel like you’re getting life together. But what are these lines appearing around your eyes? Why are there lines on your décolletage? And is that a frown line that is constantly making you look concerned? It’s not all in your head – your skin does look sluggish, those dark circles are forming under your eyes. All the sun damage & partying in your 20s is starting to appear, the best way to go about it is prevent further damage (and perhaps correct some issues while there). Botox, Fillers, Laser, Anti-Aging products, serums, lotions, masks, Facials, Concealers – they name it, you buy it right? Be sensible with what you outlay money on. Why spend $600 on a full range of products that will last 3 months, when you can possibly have Botox & Fillers which not only corrects the present issue, but prevents further lines from forming.

Invest in a simple Cosmeceutical range, have regular skin treatments & invest in quality mineral make up (a good concealer is hard to find!).

Informed decision will help address your currently concern but also determine how good you will look going into your 40s, 50s & oh gosh senior life!

Each time you visit your Skin Care Expert they are talking about those “free radical” that are attacking your collagen & so on, it can be very overwhelming, so find a good Clinic you trust, look for their qualifications & do your researching before spending big money on needles & creams.

40/50s – Why are all these age spots on your face & the backs of your hands? Why are there dry patches of skin here & there? Is that mole changing shape or colour? BCC, SCC, Solar Keratosis, Melanoma are all common words you are hearing amongst your social circle & family friends. At this age regular skin checks are so important! Finding a Skin Specialist you trust and are comfortable with is essential.

Watch out for the hard sell, because you are the dream client any Skin Care professional will have walk into their clinic. You have the time & money to spend on yourself. You have worked hard all your life, not had the education Gen Y have had about skin, but your now willing to listen & use anything that is recommended for your skin!
The hard decision you face, especially heading towards the 50s, is – do you want that surgical procedure you have been thinking about for years? Who do you go to? What surgeon is the best? The most important thing to remember before you go under the knife is – surgery will correct the concern but not the issue. Healthy skin, mind & body will always achieve optimum results post-surgery, if the canvas is happy & healthy.

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