Bangkok… Is it the new Phuket?

Phuket and Bangkok are two of the most popular destinations Thailand has to offer. They both draw in millions of visitors a year and each have their own special attractions. Phuket offering beautiful scenery, white sandy beaches and a more relaxed atmosphere or Bangkok with its luxury shopping malls, boutiques and busy city scene.

Not only are they one of the two most popular destinations for a holiday but also for people travelling abroad for Cosmetic Surgery and Dental procedures.

The standard of surgeons and hospitals are equally exceptional in both destinations. Both offering high reputable and experienced Plastic surgeons and world class JCI accredited Hospitals. But for many years when it came to having a cosmetic procedure, Phuket would come out top with us as the most popular destination.

So why is it that this year we are seeing more and more clients travelling to Bangkok for their Medical Holidays?   Why the change?

Cost ?                                                 

We believe one of the main reason people now choose Bangkok is affordability.

Phuket was previously home to 2 major international hospitals – Bangkok Hospital Phuket & Phuket International. In 2016 we saw these two hospitals merge their plastic surgery facilities to create a brand new centre of excellence: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute (PPSI)

While this was fantastic as it meant a brand new immaculate facility’s with state-of-the-art technology and Phuket’s most experienced Plastic surgeons all under the same roof, it also meant that with only one hospital there was really no need to compete on price’s.

Where as in Bangkok, you have a vast number of accredited hospitals to choose from, including Bangpakok 9 International Hospital, Phyathai 2 international Hospital, Bumrungrad and Piyavate Hospital… just to name a few; all competing for YOU to travel to them. So prices are a little more flexible in Bangkok than in Phuket.

There is also a rise in the multiple procedures, and while the cost for the some surgeries might be only slightly cheaper traveling to Bangkok, when you are having multiple procedures, that savings add up quite quickly in Bangkok.

The Surgeons ?

While Phuket still boast their world-renowned surgeons. In recent years we have seen some of these Phuket established surgeons make the move to Bangkok. One in particular, Dr Boonchai, moved from PPSI to Bangkok to start his own private practice. With a large international following and years of experience and successful surgeries in Phuket his reputation with overseas clients is second to none. His move to Bangkok has brought a large following of clients to Bangkok for their procedures, both through word of mouth and forums.

Publicity ?

With the increasing number of people travelling to Thailand each year, and it becoming more acceptable in today’s society, means this has brought more good publicity rather than bad.
In recent months we’ve seen a new reality show, Operation Thailand, showcasing the hospitals and following some of the top surgeons including our surgeons at Bangpakok9 Hospitals lead by Dr Pornthep. Social media also plays a HUGE role in getting the word out there … Forums, general posts, before and afters… it catches attention of friends, family … and most of the work we personally receive is from word of mouth.

The Destination ?

In the past many of our clients have pick Phuket purely for the location, with it being a more relaxed atmosphere to recover, and many still pick Phuket for this reasons. What’s not to love about white sandy beaches, swaying palms and island hoping?

But lately we’ve seen more and more client’s pick their destination based other reasons such as their preferred surgeon or the price. While they are still advertised as a ‘Medical Holiday’ people are now focusing more on their surgery and less on the holiday.

Considering Bangkok for your procedure?

Somnio host Group Tours to Bangkok twice a year. With our first one underway as we speak! Staying at the lovely Maitria Hotel Sukhumvit 18.  The Somnio staff are present for; arrival, pre-surgery consult, surgery, post-surgery follow-ups. Hotel visits, dinner, tours and more! There every step of the way…With NO fees associated to use our services means it is a great way to travel for Solo travelers or for those who are a bit nervous about heading abroad for surgery.

Contact us for more information or  CLICK HERE for a Free Surgical Assessment from one of our Plastic Surgeons