Mammograms With Implants

Breast Screening

What is a Mammogram? Mammograms are used as a screening tool to detect early breast cancer in women experiencing no symptoms. They can also be used to detect and diagnose breast disea...

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Compression Garments

Blog - Compression Garment

First of all…. What Is a Compression Garment? A surgical compression garment is a band woven fr...

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Best Holiday Locations – Thailand

Blog - Best Destinations

Common Debates – Which Destination is the go to? When it comes to surgery there will always be talk amongst others on which destination is the better spot to go, when re...

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Overcoming Surgery Fears

BLOG surgery fears

Overcoming Fear: Common Cosmetic Surgery Fears How to overcome them and stop them from ruining YOUR chances of the Life Changing Procedures A Li...

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Common reasons that you may need or want breast implants or breast augmentation

reasons for breast augmentation

Breast augmentation or ...

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Arm Lift – What to know

BLOG arm lift

What causes our arms to sag? Weight loss and age are the most common reasons that our arms sag. Women are more prone to saggy arms than men, although it is not abnormal for ...

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Capsular Contracture

BLOG capsular contracture

Whilst Breast Augmentation Surgery is considered to be a relatively safe procedure, all surgical procedures carry risks. One of the risks of using implants for Breast Enlargement (augmentation)...

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Why have dental implants become so popular? 


There has been a growing trend in the use of dental implants of late, with...

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Male Breast Reduction


What is gynaecomastia? Gynecomastia is a swelling of the breast tissue in men or boys, caused by an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone. It can affect one or both breasts, somet...

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Injectables on the Rise


Injectable treatments like botox and dermal fillers have been around for years, and have long been thought of as an anti-aging treatment for men and women in the 40’s. So why are they trending now m...

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5 Things to consider when getting a breast augmentation 


Are you thinking about getting a breast a...

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Undergoing plastic surgery if you’re Diabetic


Is your diabetes stopping you from considering plastic surgery? While diabetics do have an increased risk of complications from any type of surgical procedure, having diabetes doesn’t necessarily...

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Uneven Breast: Corrective surgery options


It’s very common for most women’s breasts to be a touch uneven, but for some women the difference can be quite noticeable and their breasts may even be two different cup sizes. Along with not bein...

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Rice Bag Test


If you are considering breast ...

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Liposuction Myths


Busting the Myths of Liposuction Is liposuction used for weight loss? If you’re overweight, can you have liposuction a...

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Tummy Tuck after a C-Section


  It is quite common for women who have delivered babies via C-section to seek out a post-pregnancy tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplast...

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Will I need a Breast Lift?


Have you thought about improving the appearance of your breasts? Most people would prefer to have a ...

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Phuket for Kids


Having surgey in Phuket and taking the family with you? These activites are great to enjoy as a family or to keep the kids entertained while you recover. Phuket Trickeye Museum ...

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Time for a Facelift


As we age, skin begins to lose elasticity, and facial tissues lose volume. Eventually, this results in “jowls” on the lower face, deep wrinkles, and loose skin on the neck. While this is a natu...

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Male Tummy Tuck Story


Follow the story of an early 30's male and his life changing Tummy Tuck in Thailand. About me, around 10ish years ago I weighed in at 159kg. Now being 5'10" that means I was pretty round. Sp...

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Why get Dental Veneers?


Do you smile less often than you would like for fear of showing off you teeth’s imperfections, which may be cracked, stained or crooked. Then maybe it’s worth considering ...

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iLASIK Surgery


Wish to live a life free form the hassle of wearing glasses and contact lenses? Well now is the time, with a new safe and precise technology offering a quick, pain free Laser eye surgery. Performed at...

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What is Rhinoplasty and the different Types


What is Rhinoplasty- A Simplified Guide Rhinoplasty (also known as ...

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Cosmetic Surgery in your 50’s


In our mid-50′s and beyond, most people are free from financial obligations they had when they were younger, such as purchasing a home or raising a family. They are often free to enjoy a bit more fl...

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Mummy Makeover

BLOG Mummy Makeover2

For many women, nothing compares to the joy motherhood brings. But there is no denying that it can also be one of the most physically difficult stages in a woman's life. After childbirth it can be ...

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Things to see in Phuket

BLOG 5 things Phuket

You can visit many amazing places in Thailand, but nothing quite compares to a trip to Phuket. There's always something to do on the island or off the coast, be it rain or shine. Here are our Top 5...

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Blepharoplasty – Eyelid Lift

BLOG eyelift

The eyes are central to our ideas of beauty. Studies have shown that when asked to judge a person's age, most people look to the eyes first. So it's natural that we want to keep our eyes looking healt...

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Using an Agent vs. Going Direct

BLOG agent v direct

If you are thinking about getting some cosmetic surgery done abroad, then there are many clinics and facilities that one can choose fr...

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Types of Tummy Tucks

BLOG Tummy Tuck Options

Most people will have heard of a Tummy Tuck. It is a cosmetic procedure, also known as an abdominoplasty, designed to remove loose, excess skin from ...

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Reduce Scarring

BLOG scarring

Best Ways to Reduce Scarring Of all the blemishes that can affect your skin, scars can be one of the most frustrating to remove. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can help to prevent o...

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Phuket Street Food & 6 MUST try Foods whilst in Phuket


The cheapest option to eat in Phuket is via Street Food. It is amongst the tastiest and most affordable experience and best way to experience genuine Thai cuisine. You will find most options cost 50 b...

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Phuket Walking Street

BLOG Walking St

Phuket Walking Street is one of the latest attractions in Phuket Old Town. Phuket Walking Street is also known as 'Lard Yai' (talaad yai). This means 'big market' in Southern Thai dialect. Where ...

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Prepare your home before breast surgery

BLOG Prepare for BA

Can't afford to take the time off to travel overseas where you can recover from your surgery in a luxury resort? Or maybe you just want to be in the comfort of your own home after your ...

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Top 5 Burger Shops in Bangkok

BLOG Burgers


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6 Ways To Make Travelling Easier

Blog Easy Travel

Regardless of what type of trip you're on, there are steps you can take to ease an overseas journey. Here are 6 of our favourite international travel tips: 1.Set up your mobile phone situat...

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Firming Saggy Breasts

BLog Sagging breasts

Not ready for surgery? Have you tried.... Are you sad because your breasts are already moving south? If you are not ready for ...

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Finding the Right Breast Implants: The 3 Key Questions You Need Answered

Blog 23.12

If you're considering undergoing a breast augmentation procedure, it's important to do your research and know exactly what you want....

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5th Myths About Boob Jobs

BLOG 16.12.15

There are a lot of misconceptions about breast augmentation. There have been many developments in recent years that have made this t...

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The Evolution of the Breast Implant

Blog 9.12.15

The history of breast implants has undergone an extensive and intriguing evolution. 1890s:The earliest recorded cas...

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Anti-Aging, Prevention or Cure?

Blog Anti Aging

Anti-Aging – Why prevention is better than cure Prevention is better than cure. We hear it all the time. But why do we still wait until we have dirt like stains on our cheeks & crêpey...

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How Important is Fitness and Exercise for Cosmetic Surgery?

BLOG Fitness

How Important is Fitness and Exercise for Cosmetic Surgery? When it comes to cosmetic surgery, it's important to do the most...

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5 Biggest Reasons Aussies are Looking Overseas for surgery

BLOG 18.11

You've heard enough about the potential dangers in the news, but what are the benefits of medical tourism? There are many reasons why patients choose to have surgery performed overseas; read on to fin...

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Somnio International Medical Holidays – CH7 SUNDAY NIGHT


Watch us on channel 7 Sunday Night Show! Find more on...

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Ambassador Blog – Aussie Mums 1st Cosmetic Surgery !


Its only natural for any one going in for first time surgery, to experience all the nerves of traveling abroad for a cosmetic procedure. Chai Simpson is the winner of our ambassador competit...

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Breast Augmentation: Becoming A Need For Women?


Women nowadays are becoming more and more conscious regarding their body image and self-worth. Many of them are considering various methods to enhance their physical outlook in order to improve their ...

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What You Need To Know About Dental Implants


Regardless of improvements in dental care, many people suffer tooth loss usually due to gingivitis or gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth injury. For many years, dentures and bridges were the only ...

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