Common reasons that you may need or want breast implants or breast augmentation

Breast augmentation or breast implants is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures for women. This can be an elective choice but for some, it may be because reconstructive surgery is required. All surgical cases are different because it very much depends on the individual, however there are some common reasons why this form of cosmetic work is requested and subsequently performed.

You have undergone a mastectomy

There is a rise in the number of women suffering from breast cancer. If caught in the early stages then treatment, which can include full or partial removal of breast tissue and/or lymph glands, and after care has meant that survival rates are good and getting better.

Not all women have a mastectomy but if that is the case, then breast augmentation and implants to reconstruct the breast is important to enable the woman to feel they have regained their femininity and figure. Of course reconstruction does involve more than just augmentation, as the nipple and areola need to be constructed and skin grafting is involved.

Your breasts may be disproportionate

There are a number of women who have a petite frame and overly large breasts and look for breast reductions. Similarly there are some who have a condition known as micromastia. This is a condition that causes the breast to fail to develop properly after the onset of puberty. It can affect one breast (unilateral) so that one fails to develop properly but the other one does, or it can be bilateral, affecting both. It is important to note that in regular development, every woman will not have identical breasts, but micromastia means one breast will be significantly smaller than the other.

A surgeon will be able to correct this by breast augmentation, using implants in the smaller breast to make it as similar to the other as possible. If operating on both breasts the practitioner will able to give advice on the size and shape of implants, and where they would be positioned to suit the body shape of the individual affected.

You have lost weight

If you have lost a significant amount of weight, then the breasts may have started to droop and lost their full shape. If you have been a nursing mother and got rid of the baby weight, again there could be a loss of shape that makes you feel self-conscious. Wanting to get back that pre-baby body is understandable, and breast implants can help fulfil that wish.

You want to boost your self-esteem

This is one of the main reasons why so many women seriously consider breast augmentation or implants, particularly if you have been unhappy about your appearance since teenage years and want to be more confident in the way you see yourself and how you present to others. It is also a reason why, as women get older and they want to regain the knockout figure of their younger years, breast augmentation is considered.