Compression Garments

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What Is a Compression Garment?

A surgical compression garment is a band woven from elastic and cloth, which stretches around an area of the body to apply constant, even pressure. These garments come in a variety of forms, appropriate to the body part that requires healing. If you have undergone a tummy tuck, for instance, the compression garment may take the form of a single band around your abdomen, briefs that extend upward, or a girdle. In any iteration, a compression garment is an important part of the healing process and offers numerous benefits to those who wear it as instructed.


Benefits of Having a Compression Garment

A compression garment has the potential to improve nearly every facet of your recovery. First, by holding your bandages and surgical dressings in place, it ensures that incisions are kept clean in the early stages of healing, thereby reducing the risk of infection. Additionally, a compression garment aids in the following areas:

Improved comfort: Compression of the surgical area minimizes the movement of damaged tissues, helping patients remain comfortable while relaxing or moving.

Improved circulation: Compression has long been used to improve circulation, whether post-injury or during physical activity.

Reduced bruising and swelling: With improved circulation, fluid retention is minimized; making bruising and swelling from surgery dissipate sooner.

Reduced risk of complication: After body contouring, patients face a risk of fluid building up around the surgical site, resulting in a hematoma, seroma, or lymphedema. Compression garments promote fluid passage, thereby reducing the risk of blockage and complication.

Reduced risk of skin irregularities: There is always a slight chance of skin healing irregularly over underlying tissues, or those tissues lumping together for an uneven appearance. A compression garment exerts even pressure over the area, improving skin adhesion and healing.

These benefits are even more noteworthy for patients with a history of irregular scarring, healing complications, or other risks that may threaten their final results. By wearing your compression garment as directed, along with the rest of your surgeons post-surgical instructions, you can enjoy a relatively easy and safe recovery.


How long do I have to wear a compression garment?

The length of time required to wear a compression garment can substantially differ in each client. It is highly dependent on your own recovery and what your doctor/surgeon advises.

With the surgery procedures differing in size and difficulty this will be one of the other main factors on deciding the length of time required.


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