Cosmetic Surgery in your 50’s

In our mid-50′s and beyond, most people are free from financial obligations they had when they were younger, such as purchasing a home or raising a family. They are often free to enjoy a bit more flexibility in their spending’s – Whether it’s traveling the world, doing some extra shopping or even getting a cosmetic procedure.

Also by this time in your life the signs of age and the effects of nature can be upon us, and looking more pronounced than ever. Deep wrinkles, sagging jaw lines, skin folds in the neck, and excess skin and fat are some of the most common signals that affect us during this period in our lives.

Whilst these things are nothing to be afraid of, as they will happen to the best of us, there are numerous cosmetic surgery and anti-aging options at your disposal. Meaning you don’t have to surrender to crows feet, a flabby midsection or forehead creases – if you don’t want to.

Most patients aren’t asking to look 20 years old; they just want to feel vibrant and less tired when they look in the mirror. We don’t want to look older than the age that we feel!

What are people getting done?

Procedures that are popular in this age bracket are ones that contribute to facial rejuvenation. We’re seeing them opt for subtle, understated procedures such as eyelid surgery, face lifts and neck lifts and non-surgical procedures like fillers or botox.

In addition to anti-ageing procedures, Breast Augmentation is also popular in women who may have had them done when they were younger and are now looking to refresh them.

It’s Not Just Women! Men are Getting in on the Action, too!

Women aren’t the only ones taking advantage of convenient treatments. Men are joining in too! In most cases, men just want to look younger or less tired. Similar to women, men are also choosing to have things done to their neck or eyes, to gently lift the skin and add a youthful glow to their appearance.

It’s never late to do something to improve the way you look!