Cosmetic Surgery Packages

Small Group Surgery and Accommodation Packages!!

Looking to save some more funds on your next medical holiday? Somnio offer package discounts for 3 or more, travelling to either Phuket or Bangkok for their cosmetic, dental or wellness procedures. Conditions apply.


Packages available with all our Phuket Plastic Surgeons -:
Dr Witoon, Dr Sanguan, Dr Veerawat, Dr Rushapol,  Dr Piyapas, Dr Parinya, Dr Pongsatorn (Jib)


Packages available with all our Phuket Plastic Surgeons -:
Dr Witoon, Dr Veerawat, Dr Parinya, Dr Pongsatorn (Jib), Dr Chatpong, Dr Worapong, Dr Borripatara, Dr Thiti, Dr Rungkit, Dr Seree, Dr Montien

Gold Coast

General Anesthetic and Private Hospitals are used for all our Gold Coast Cosmetic operations. Unless otherwise requested.
Overnight Hospital stay is included in our Tummy Tuck and Mummy Makeover Packages.

Cosmetic holiday packages in Thailand


Are you looking to get cosmetic surgery? Why not get the treatment (and confidence boost) you need at an affordable cost in an exotic destination? A cosmetic holiday includes packages and services that will give you new energy and confidence – the result of both internal and external changes.

Here at Somnio Medical, our philosophy is to care for the whole mind, body and spirit, so that you go home not only looking your best ever but also feeling your very best. A cosmetic surgery holiday will give you the wellness and renewed energy that you have not felt in years!

What are cosmetic surgery holidays?

A cosmetic surgery holiday focuses on and involves refreshing and restoring the body and spirit with personal beauty packages, including the highest quality cosmetic surgery procedures alongside complementary treatments, including dentistry, optical, beauty and pampering packages. Together, these will ensure that you return home with an inner sparkle and renewed energy for life.

Why is an Operation in Thailand the ideal destination?

Bangkok, along with Phuket and Samui, are some of Thailand’s key locations in the supply of medical and cosmetic surgery services. Surgeons, dentists and opticians in Thailand are all extremely well trained in state of the art procedures, with many of them graduates from first class American medical universities. The hospital facilities in Thailand also ensure quality of medical and surgical care, and the number of cosmetic surgery holiday visitors is increasing by the day. The tourist infrastructure in Thailand is excellent as well, and there are numerous competent health care providers.

What does a cosmetic surgery holiday package with Somnio Medical look like?

At Somnio Medical, we focus on offering convenient solutions to those looking to undergo plastic surgery at affordable prices. The procedures performed by the plastic surgeons in our cosmetic surgery tours and packages include breast augmentation, tummy tucks, facelifts, and much more. Besides plastic surgery, we also cater to those looking for non-invasive cosmetic solutions such as fillers or jet peels. On top of this, our team can even organise dental procedures for you, from whitening and veneers to implants.

Why is Somnio Medical the best choice for a cosmetic surgery holiday package?

Somnio Medical was established in 2009 and quickly set a benchmark for medical tourism agencies by offering superior service and personalised care. Somnio Medical charge no fees to use their services, so having someone experienced in the industry to guide and support you through the process for no cost is no brainer.

In late 2013 Somnio Medical became the first agency to introduce procedures at home as well, with a cosmetic surgery clinic for their clients, initially in Sydney, then moving to Gold Coast in 2014, utilising one of the best plastic surgeons and private hospitals available.

What are the advantages of Somnio Medical’s cosmetic surgery holidays?

The advantage of going on a cosmetic surgery holiday is that we take care of all of the hard work, leaving you to enjoy your holiday stress-free. Planning an interstate or overseas medical operation can be stressful if you haven’t done it before. From organising surgeons for your cosmetic operation on the Gold Coast, in Phuket, Bangkok, or at many of our other destinations, to finalising transport and accommodation, the team at Somnio Medical will make the planning process as simple as possible for you.

The thing that makes Somnio Medical different than our competitors is the high standard of care that you will receive from our professional staff both here and abroad. Thanks to our range of facilities boasting state of the art equipment and the ongoing support from our team, patients can select their destination with confidence. We can connect patients with surgeons that can complete a wide range of procedures, from plastic surgery such as breast implants and breast reductions to dental solutions and facial cosmetic surgery.

Are you thinking about getting cosmetic surgery? For more information on our cosmetic surgery holiday packages, contact Somnio Medical today. Our team would love the opportunity to answer any queries that you might have.