A Step By Step Guide


Make an Enquiry with Somnio Medical Holidays, regarding the type of cosmetic surgery you are interested in. Either Virginia (Owner, Founder and Main Co-ordinator of Somnio) or one of the lovely office staff will get back to you with everything you need to know, such as;

– The estimated cost of the procedure(s)

– Different locations and costs

– General information ️If you would like more information or would like to speak to one of our friendly team, feel free to leave a contact number or call us on 1300 692 639.

Step 2

Fill out one of Somnio’s ‘No Obligation Forms’ with your personal details, medical history and attach the appropriate images. The reason we need these images is so our surgeons and/or specialist can look at your particular case and give you an accurate Surgical Recommendation and estimated cost suited for YOU, as each case is different. You are not under any obligation to book with us by using this service, sending through your forms and images does not ‘lock you in’, it simply gives you a Surgical Recommendation suited to you that is valid for 6 Months, you can then decide from there if you would like to go ahead with the procedure.

We will send you your Surgical Recommendation inclusive of your estimated procedure cost and duration of stay required in Thailand or Gold Coast. This will be sent to you electronically for your approval and feedback. Feel free to contact your co-ordinator at any time, should you have any questions or regards.

Step 3

Happy with your surgical recommendation? The next step is to decide on a date for your procedure. Somnio will check your surgeon is available on your requested date and then we can book you in.

Next step is to get flights and accommodation quotes. Either Somnio can do this for you or you can source them yourself.

If you choose for Somnio to arrange, once we have your travel and accommodation organised, we will put together your final package and send you your itinerary. This can also be put on a pre-payment plan.

If you choose to organise this on your own, just send Somnio your itinerary, flights and accommodation you have picked so we can ensure you are there for the correct number of days for your surgery, are in close proximity to the hospital, and so we can organise your transfers.

Somnio will require a $500 Deposit that is non-refundable yet this will come off your total surgery cost. If for some reason you need to move your surgery dates this deposit will be held in your name until you have your new dates, you don’t lose your money!

Flights must be payed 45 days prior to Departure date.

Accommodation must be payed 30 days prior to Departure date.

Procedure must be payed 4 weeks prior to Departure date. The hospitals will not go ahead with surgery until full payment is paid.

Step 4

One of our Co-ordinators will give you a call before your departure to go through your complete surgical and travel itinerary and go over any questions you may have.

Upon your arrival in Thailand, a driver will pick you up from the designated meeting point at the airport and take you to your hotel. On the day of your ‘Face to Face’ Consultation the driver will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the hospital. Our Hospital coordinators will be at the hospital to meet you.

After you have carried out your consultation with your surgeon, you will then have a few medical tests done (blood test, x-ray etc.)* and then proceed to have your surgery that day unless organised otherwise. * If the patient requires additional pre surgery tests, these are not included in your quoted costs.

After the surgery, you will stay in the hospital for the recommended amount of nights, once the surgeon checks everything he will give you the all clear and you can now go back to your hotel. Your medical host will come to meet you and help you with the hospital check out process; your driver will then take you back to your hotel.

Whilst you are still in Thailand you will have one or two ‘follow up’ appointments with your surgeon. Your medical host will notify you of this. During your follow up sessions your surgeon will remove any stitches/dressings and give you advice for you to follow through the recovery phase of your Holiday. If you are feeling worried at any time throughout your stay about how you are healing or if something just doesn’t seem right you can either contact your Somnio Coordinator or the hospital direct to arrange any assistance or additional appointments.

Step 5

After your lovely relaxing stay, your driver will collect you on the day of departure and take you to the airport, from there you will arrive home as a ‘New you’!

Soon after your arrival back home our co-ordinator will be in touch to see how you are and that your recovery is going well.

You will receive ongoing support from us. If ever you have any questions or concerns about your recovery we will be here to help you.

Wanting a recommendation from one of our specialists or surgeons? Click on one of the procedure categories below to request a no obligation assessment.

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