Male to Female Surgery

Transgender Surgery

Thailand is at the forefront of the growing practice of transgender surgery, capitalising on decades of know-how, low-cost health care, and a ready supply of experienced plastic reconstructive surgeons trained to perform the male-to-female procedures.

Thailand is a very popular port of call for people who feel as though they were brought into the world the wrong biological sex.

Gender reassignment surgery can cost as little as 350,000THB or $14,000 AUD.

Procedures can be performed in either Bangkok or Phuket.


IN some cases our Hospitals will require the below before being excepted for SRS.
You need to be of legal age, in good health, and if required submit the following requirements before your pre-surgical assessment for SRS MTF

1. Letter of recommendation from 1 or 2 psychiatrists (one from a psychiatrist in patient’s own locality and one from a Thai psychiatrist) stating the following:

a. Diagnosis of male with Gender Identity Disorder, Gender Dysphoria or associated conditions (anxiety, depression).

b. Declaration of successful real life experience as a female for at least 1 year

2. Medical certificate with details of female hormone therapy

a. Hormone intake must be prescribed and monitored by a licensed physician

b. Hormones have been taken for 1 year

Procedure  COST – AUD
Tracheal Shave 1600
Sexual Reassignment Surgery 14000
Breast Augmentation 4600
Forehead/Brow Contouring 8800
Jaw Contouring 9200
Lip Lifting Surgery 2800
Chin Contouring 7200
Cheek Implant Surgery 4800

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