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Group Travel

Group Travel

Somnio Group Travel departs from all major ports (AUS & NZ) every 6 -8 weeks for Phuket and departs TWICE a year from all major ports to Bangkok.
The tours are facilitated by Somnio Thailand Team, who are with you every step of the way.
Our team will greet you on your arrival to your accommodation.
Ensuring they are present for pre-op consults & tests, surgery and post-op consults, including dental or dermatology appointments.
Recovery time: Our Group Travel Thailand Team will also be at your hotel daily to accompany you shopping, dinner shows or to just be ‘present’ should you need anything.

While we may have numerous departure dates – the tours run and are facilitated for 2 weeks (14 days) and you can arrive or depart at anytime during these 2 weeks (as long as you stay the required time stipulated by your surgeon or specialist). If you depart after the tour end – no problems our Anytime Thailand Travel Team will take over for all your hospital appointments.

Tour Date Destination
15th July – 29th July PHUKET
2nd – 16th September PHUKET
22nd Oct – 5th November BANGKOK
14th – 29th March 2018 BANGKOK

Group Tour Package Quote

This must be booked direct with your Somnio Coordinator so our Thailand Team can facilitate the tour in a prompt and timely manner.
Phuket – Banthai Resort & Spa
Bangkok – Maitria Hotel Sukhumvit 18

View the rooms at the Banthai Phuket

Flights can be arranged with Somnio direct, or you are more than welcome to do these personally – just make sure you confirm these first with your Somnio Coordinator before booking!

If you wish to stay at a different hotel, not a problem, but you will then fall under a ‘Anytime’ Travel client and will not have the hotel hands on assistance… but you will STILL have assistance from our Team for all hospital/dental appointments.

7 Day Stay – suits Breast Augmentation procedures, minor Liposuction and Dental
14 Day Stay – Designed for the longer stays required for – Facial procedures, Tummy Tucks, Breast Lifts etc.

Breaking one tour into 2 duration’s means… You don’t have to stay the whole duration if your procedure length of stay doesn’t require you to … But you STILL have the hands-on assistance while in Phuket or Bangkok over the tour dates.

You will be accompanied to and from your Cosmetic, Dental or Non-Invasive appointments & post-consults by the Tour Staff AND you will have them there to arrange tours and some low impact sight-seeing… Making sure you get the MOST out of your overseas recovery.


  • Hesitant about travelling overseas for Cosmetic, Dental or Anti-Aging Procedures
  • Nervous about transfers, consults, surgery
  • Don’t want to recover alone
  • Finances just don’t permit your other half joining you
  • Privacy, prefer to keep your procedure private but don’t want to go alone
  • Like the look of the support of a group environment
  • Want to see more of Phuket with your Somnio Representative as your guide
  • Like the way you have a choice to travel SWIFT (7 Day) or STEADY (14 Day)

Group Travel is designed to ensure you’re not alone. Meet for breakfast or sleep in, join our team for dinner or go and shop. Whatever you decide to do on tour is YOUR choice but knowing you have Somnio present and others travelling with you, is a comfort in itself. Want additional things to do? Markets, Cosmetic Tattooing, Sightseeing.. Sunset Cruises. Whether you’re on our Group Tour or and ‘Anytimer’ – all can be organised simply!

* Tours will run based on a minimum number of 6 people – anything below this clients, reserve the right to move to another tour date or travel as an ‘anytime traveller’ (who will be supported by our Phuket Staff for ALL hospital appointments).

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