How Important is Fitness and Exercise for Cosmetic Surgery?

How Important is Fitness and Exercise for Cosmetic Surgery?

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, it’s important to do the most you can to reduce health risks, and to ease the process overall. There is lots of different information out there regarding fitness both before and after surgery, but what’s the truth?

In this article we reveal some crucial tips that can help you use exercise and fitness to create the best cosmetic surgery experience possible.

Before Surgery

It is important for any cosmetic procedure that the patient is as fit and healthy as possible. This makes it easier for the surgeon to do their job, and helps the patient’s body recover more quickly after the surgery. Patients should allow at least 4-6 weeks prior to surgery to get in shape and establish a fitness regimen.

Liposuction and Exercise

Some people believe that liposuction is a quick and easy way to lose weight, but this is just not the case. Liposuction is designed to target problem areas where fat is disproportionately stored in pockets in the body instead of evenly throughout. As such, it is not a replacement for fitness or exercise. In fact, it is only recommended for patients who are already fit and healthy.

After liposuction, patients can return to physical activity more quickly than with some other procedures. Patients can expect to return light activities such as walking and gentle yoga from the day after the procedure, and quickly build up to strenuous activities in just 2-3 weeks. Beginning exercise right away after a liposuction procedure is beneficial to its effectiveness as it helps to re-tighten muscles.

Facial Procedures and Exercise

Patients may not always realise that even facial cosmetic procedures will limit their ability to exercise. It is recommended that they avoid any cardio activities for four weeks following a facial procedure, as any significant increase in heart rate or blood pressure could cause bleeding in the numerous blood vessel in the face, resulting in clots or a return trip to the doctor.

Exercise after a Breast Augmentation

After a breast augmentation, any overuse of the pectoral muscles can disrupt the healing of the scar tissue inside the breast. Because of this, patients must avoid using these muscles for at least the first four weeks post-surgery, including lifting anything heavier than 5 kilograms, or raising the arms above shoulder height. However, lower-body exercises are allowed and encouraged during this time.

Most importantly – get the information FIRST-HAND from your surgeon direct or through your agent – follow their clear instructions.

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