Injectables on the Rise

Injectable treatments like botox and dermal fillers have been around for years, and have long been thought of as an anti-aging treatment for men and women in the 40’s. So why are they trending now more than ever?

Because now they also have a fan club of adult’s in their 30’s and even their 20’s. Providing you don’t have a fear of needles, it’s never been more possible – or popular – to inject your way to ideal proportion.

A trend fuelled by celebrities, blame Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s little sister rules social media, putting her pout-worthy lips (which went from thin to beyond plump before her 17th birthday) at the top of the Must Have list.

What’s more, according to dermatologists, young patients aren’t looking for subtle results; they want the ‘work’ to be noticeable. Unlike generations before them, this new class of cosmetic injectee doesn’t hide its enhancements in shame. Rather, its plumped-up lips and puffer-fish cheeks are often a source of pride. It has become an extension of a consumer society along with the luxury ‘must-have’ items such as designer bags and clothes. Young men and women, particularly Gen Y, see cosmetic enhancement as just another consumable, something to make you look good.

But is spending a few hundred dollars on injections to make wrinkles disappear when you’re in your 20s pointless, or good skin sense?

Some specialist say that Botox can help prevent wrinkles from forming or becoming worse, so starting from a young age can be beneficial. However If you do it too early, you’re simply wasting your money. If your skin is in good condition and you haven’t started to develop deep wrinkles it’s better off to wait. Not only will you avoid the unnecessary cost, you’ll avoid the invasiveness of a toxin being injected into your body.

You may be best to look in to ways to look after your skin such as maintaining a  sensible skin-care regime, wearing sunscreen, keep you skin hydrated and then move on to cosmetic procedures where necessary.

However if you are ready to start thinking about botox, make sure you go to a reputable provider. With so many places available to receive injectables it’s important to do you research. Don’t just go for the cheapest option!

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