Internal Breast Lift

When our clients contact us about Breast procedures many are concerned about having scars on the front of their breasts. A traditional breast lift requires either a donut (periareolar) scar, a lollipop scar, or an anchor scar. All of these are effective for different patients, but each of them carries the downside of creating a scar on the front of the breast.

There is technique available through some plastic surgeons called an Internal Breast Lift, in which the breasts are supported and lifted from the inside. This procedure always necessitates the placement of breast implants at the same time, but does not require any scars beyond the small, well-hidden scars associated with breast augmentation surgery.

This technique involves repositioning the breast tissue, at the same time as placing the implant, to above the nipple area to give some fullness and tightness in the upper pole. They then place internal sutures to hold the tissue in place.

Despite the benefits of breast augmentation internal lift, the technique is only suitable for patients with very minimal sag—i.e., their nipple does not require more than 2-3 cm elevation.

Majority of the time its most suitable for patients who have Pseudo Ptosis, which means that the breasts are sagging and the upper pole appeared deflated, but the nipple area has not dropped below the sub- mammary fold.

The main benefit of the internal lift procedure is that it produces significantly less visible scarring than a standard breast lift, but it can only be performed in women with mild sagging who are also willing to undergo a breast augmentation procedure simultaneously.

Meanwhile, patients with significant sagging—i.e., their nipple has drooped way below the submammary fold—will need the standard breast lift technique (with or without implants) to achieve the most desired results.

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