Ambassador Blog – Aussie Mums 1st Cosmetic Surgery !

Its only natural for any one going in for first time surgery, to experience all the nerves of traveling abroad for a cosmetic procedure.

Chai Simpson is the winner of our ambassador competition and is willing to share all the ins and outs of her experience leading up to and prior to the big day !

Follow Chai’s medical journey as she tells her REAL story.

Diary Entry #1

My name is Chai I’m 28 years old, a wife and a mother of to a beautiful daughter.

Due to being an A cup my whole life , I have to say I have been dreaming / planning a breast augmentation since I was around 16 years old and realised puberty had been and gone and I wasn’t going to be blessed in the breast department.

My breast augmentation ambition was backed up years later by 8 months of breast feeding which at the time my breast s looked amazing !!! however that turned what little breast I did have into low lying lifeless hmmm granny boobs (sorry nanna).

But Just when I had given up all hope along came the godmothers of medical tourism Somnio Medical Holidays so here is my experience so far and I look forward to sharing the rest with you too xx

So first comes the confronting bit making the decision to take that step to get the ball rolling ( no more excuses) I filled in the questionnaire it really only took a few minutes, I was nervous about taking the photos for the doctor probably with no reason (this is what they do for a living).

In a matter of days the report had gone to the doctor and a recommendation was made and his opinion on my breasts were there as well, turns out I have a wide gap between my breasts, they are possibly not symmetrical with low nipples now the reason I chose to share that very (distressing ) oh I mean private information with you is because I didn’t want you to be shocked like I was when it didn’t come back saying what I thought which was simply small…

With this new information came a sense of satisfaction that I was making the right decision, I was very excited to see my recommendation I was advised I can choose either round or teardrop and placement under the mussel which was what I was hoping for (just in case I was to breastfeed one day ) and the incision point as well, all that left is the size.

So stay tuned for the results of the rice test lol xx