What You Need To Know About Dental Implants

Regardless of improvements in dental care, many people suffer tooth loss usually due to gingivitis or gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth injury.

For many years, dentures and bridges were the only possible treatment options available for those individuals with missing teeth, but nowadays, we have new options for treatment called dental implants, which are done by dental surgery professionals in Thailand.

What Should We Know About Dental Implants?

Dental implants are substitute tooth roots. These implants provide an intense infrastructure for permanent or removable replacement. Tooth implants will replace those teeth suffering from tooth decay, tooth trauma, tooth infection, and periodontal disease.

Dental implants are composed of titanium metal, which is the only type of metal that is well matched for use on the human body. Before implants are inserted into the bone of the lower jaw or upper jaw, your dentist will require a comprehensive diagnosis to know if you are a good candidate and to check whether your bone has the capability and quality to adapt to the implants. Usually, prior to Thailand procedure of dental implants, medical imaging that uses intraoral pictures, panoramic x-ray, and CBCT Scan are required in order to have an accurate and precise diagnosis.

The Advantages Of Dental Implants

There are many advantages to dental implants that include the following:

It improves the person’s appearance.

These dental implants will let you feel that you still have your original teeth. They are also made to blend with the bone in order to become a permanent tooth.

It improves speech.

Many people experience problems in speaking due to poor-fitting dentures, the teeth can accidentally slide within the mouth that will result to slurring or mumbling of your words resulting in communication problems. Dental implants procedure in Thailand will provide a safe and high quality dental surgery that will give you confidence in delivering your words clearly without any worry that the teeth might slide within the mouth.

h3>It gives comfort.

The tooth or teeth implanted will be considered as one of your original body parts, therefore, it will completely remove the discomfort of removable artificial teeth.

It makes eating easier.

Sliding and removable dentures can affect your chewing ability. Dental implants act like your original teeth and allow you to chew any kinds of food without any pain or difficulties.

It can enhance oral health.

The nearby teeth will not undergo any changes to assist the implant; all of your remaining teeth will be left intact. Individual implants enable easier access into the teeth and will improve oral hygiene.

It can boost self-esteem.

Dental implant Thailand can totally retrieve your happiness and make you feel much better about yourself with your new beautiful smile. You will not be embarrassed of exposing your smile and it will evidently increase your confidence when socializing with others.

It is durable.

These dental implants are heavy-duty and will remain in tact for several years. Most of the implants last a lifetime if handled with good care.

It can give great convenience.

Dental implants will totally remove the embarrassing disturbance of removing dentures. It also eliminates the requirement of putting messy adhesives just to keep them in place. These messy adhesives can give discomfort as they can be unintentionally removed.

Dental implants in Thailandprovide a wide array of advantages that can last a lifetime.

Types of Dental Implants

Conventional Dental Implants.

This conventional implant treatment will take around three to six months to fully accomplish and require at least five to seven dental appointments with your implant expert. This type of implant treatment will be inserted into your bone in a procedure called Osseo integration. After the implants are fully integrated into your bone, then your implant dentist can move to the final prosthesis.

Other patients are even forced to undergo a bone-grafting method if they do not have enough bone to hold up the implants. This will ruin the implant procedure and will lead to a longer treatment time and can possibly last for more than a year.

Mini Dental Implants.

This is a small type of tooth implant, which usually measures 1.8mm-3mm compared to 3.3mm-5mm of conventional type. This is custom-made implant for people whose bone has thinned due to non-existence of teeth for a long time. Mini implants change into an alternative treatment for patients who are willing to undergo implants, but cannot be accommodated by the conventional type.

Mini teeth implants have the advantage of spending a little amount of time in the treatment process with no downtime. It can be inserted in just a single day without any discomfort. It is simply screwed into your bone without the process of cutting any part of your gums and no stitches to remove.

Some of the implant experts in dental implants Thailand will use mini dental implants to handle porcelain crown and bridges, but most of them would discourage this execution as this might end up with some problems later on. Always bear in your mind that there is no actual integration of implant treatment into your bone unlike the conventional dental implants.

Can Any Individuals Get Dental Implants?

Any patient in good health and can mentally handle undertaking dental extraction can be counted as one of the candidates for a dental implant treatment. Having healthy gums and enough bone to grasp the implant are the main points to be considered. If you are planning to undergo implants, better consult first with your dentist in dental work Thailand to know whether dental implants are right for you.