Male Tummy Tuck Story

Follow the story of an early 30’s male and his life changing Tummy Tuck in Thailand.

About me, around 10ish years ago I weighed in at 159kg. Now being 5’10” that means I was pretty round. Spent the best part of the last decade dieting and studying and testing different exercise and nutrition options and now sit between 92-95kg on any given day (at around 14-16% body fat) (ultimately Paleo and Intermittent fasting I found to be the best prolonged lifestyle choice, they keep weight under control and make me feel amazing).

I’ve yoyo dieted quite a bit around the 100-110kg mark and at one point plummeted down to 82kg at which point I had single digit body fat but still had my flanks and love handles. Nothing I did could get rid of them. I’ve always wanted to get them removed but in the last couple of years I’ve done everything I can to accept them and move on, out of expense and most prominently fear. I’ve always (since childhood) had a problem with them and they’ve always been a huge confidence crusher for me who’s otherwise quite confident.

So I finally made the decision to do it. Now I’m an analyst by nature and profession so I spent around six or so months researching hospitals, surgeries and most importantly surgeons and I apologise for how much writing I’ll probably do on this blog. Ultimately I picked Dr. Rushapol in Thailand at the PPSI institute. (A decision I could not be happier with).

I went through a third party Somnio here in Australia who were just amazing to deal with, they were friendly, warm and prompt when I made contact with them and the team was totally fine dealing with all my questions and offered a lot of advice and support as well.

On the 7th of June I had my tummy tuck surgery and I’m making this blog after the fact to provide feedback to everyone considering it, hopefully to kill some of the fear some people have about getting surgery in Thailand, provide progress shots on a weekly basis for the first few months (as I couldn’t find this for men anywhere.. it all dies off after a week or two post op) as well as to make men looking for this kind of surgery feel better about it.

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