Mummy Makeover Thailand


As magazine covers flaunt celebrity moms, who appear to have miraculously perfect bodies within weeks of giving birth, you have no reason to feel envious. Although cosmetic surgery prices in Australia are becoming more and more competitive, the cost for large multiple procedures like a mummy makeover can still be out of reach.  For this reason more and more patients are choosing to have their mommy makeovers in Thailand.

Getting a mummy makeover operation in Thailand may be the answer to your dreams of wanting nothing but their pre-baby body back, one that is free from loose skin, flat breasts or just plain sagginess at a price that won’t drill a big hole into your savings.

Benefits of Getting a Mummy Makeover in Thailand

  • – The low mummy makeover price in Thailand is the prime attraction. So rather only being able to afford one procedure in your home country many patients are choosing to go to Thailand where they can have multiple procedures in the one trip.
  • – You can expect the same level of medical expertise that they can get in the Australia. Our surgeons are all internationally trained and are certified Plastic surgeons, providing extensive surgeries at the highest of quality.
  • – The lower cost of living in Phuket has also allowed for many affordable accommodations to spring up in the area. You will have no difficulty finding affordable, yet very comfortable accommodation.
  • – Because Thailand is a country that depends much on tourism, it has made allowances for the English-speaking tourists that visit the country. You will find the medical staff, as well as plastic surgeons speak and understand English.
  • – You can rest and recovery properly. Rather than be at home recovering but still finding yourself cooking meals, cleaning up, doing the laundry etc. This way you will have nothing else to do but to sit back and recover.


Ready for surgery?

Whether in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya or even Koh Samui, you can trust our team of cosmetic surgeons in Thailand to give you the very best plastic surgery options and treatment.

Mummy makeovers are be performed by our highly skilled plastic surgeons, some who you may have seen on the new hit show OPERATION THAILAND, and in top quality JCI accredited hospitals

Whether it is Dr Pornthep, or Dr Boonchai in Bangkok, or even Dr Veerawat, Dr Sanguan or Dr Witoon in Phuket, you will be with one of the most in demand, accredited surgeons and hospitals that Thailand has to offer through Somnio Medical.


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