Operation Thailand

Having an operation in Thailand? What is it really like?

If you’ve come across this blog chances are you are considering having an operation in Thailand and you are doing some research. Or maybe you’ve already received a quote and the price is great but now you’re wondering, is it safe? Are the surgeons properly trained? What happens if something goes wrong?

Here at Somnio we arrange surgery in both Thailand and Australia so we aren’t biased to either location. So this is not to persuade you to have your operation in Thailand, but just to give you some useful information to help you make an informed decision about having your operation in Thailand….rather than reading all those over exaggerated horror stories in the media, reading some mis-information in many online forums or even seeing the picture perfect medical holiday brochures.

What are the hospitals like?

Here at Somnio we only use private hospitals in Thailand such as Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute (PPSI), Bangpakok 9 International Hospital & Phyathai 2 International Hospital. Just to name a few.

Because of what is now termed medical tourism, Thailand has invested a lot of resources into its hospitals in a move that radically transformed the country’s healthcare. Because of the demand from foreign patients some of that investment was directed to ensuring visitors from further away were comfortable and the care is also carried out by friendly and knowledgeable professionals.

These impressive private hospitals look more like 5 star hotels. You even get your will own private room with plenty of space, a bathroom, TV, Wi-Fi and even a bed for your loved one to stay with you.

Not only are the hospitals 5 star, but also their staff and aftercare. For a Breast Implants in Australia you will be in an out of the hospital in one day. In Thailand they will keep you in overnight or even longer if they feel it’s necessary. All at no extra cost to you.

Are the surgeons qualified?

Some people have an idea in their head that the surgeons in Thailand are not as qualified or the training they receive is not as advanced as other countries.

Now we can only speak for the surgeons we use, but our surgeons speak fluent English, are internationally trained and are all certified Plastic surgeons. They truly are the most qualified and elite surgeons Thailand has to offer with ALL our Phuket surgeons’ members of ISAPS, the world’s leading professional organization for board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeons.

So because their prices come in less expensive than Australian surgeons, don’t feel that they are any less qualified. Having your operation in Thailand can be very affordable. This doesn’t mean “bad quality”, affordability means you can get the same for less.

What is the aftercare like when you return home?

A common question asked is what happens if something goes wrong when you return home. Yes you won’t have direct access to your surgeon, but you’re not always going to have access to your surgeon in Australia either. If you develop a problem at 9 o’clock at night, you couldn’t call your surgeon. You would go to the emergency, and if it’s not an emergency, you’d go to your GP.

You will still be able to communicate with your surgeon and the hospital. You can email them, call them, send through images to update them, ask questions about your recovery etc.  And now many of the major hospital offer an aftercare guarantee, meaning if something was to go wrong which was a result from your surgery, they will fly you back and fix the issue. Read more about the guarantee HERE

When doing your research it’s likely to come across some horror stories of things going wrong. Please remember that all surgeries have risks and complications can occur during and after surgery in any country. And a lot of time it comes down to how you take care of yourself after surgery. There are people who smoke, drink alcohol, swim and go on a holiday after surgery and don’t follow the instructions of their surgeon. This can be detrimental – but ALL clients are advised of the risks pre/post surgery and we can only ask that you abide by them for the safety of your own recovery.

How to avoid things going wrong?

Do your research or better yet, go to a reputable established agent who has already done the research for you. We have selected the hospital and surgeons we recommend for a reason. Because we know they are the best.

We have traveled to Thailand to see the hospitals and meet the surgeons, we have staff based in Thailand to assist you, we can guide you through the process to make sure things go smoothly and we are here for you when you return home.

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