Phuket Street Food & 6 MUST try Foods whilst in Phuket

The cheapest option to eat in Phuket is via Street Food. It is amongst the tastiest and most affordable experience and best way to experience genuine Thai cuisine. You will find most options cost 50 baht or less. This makes it the meal of choice for most Thais and a lot of tourists seeking the real local experience.

Where can Street Food be found?

In Phuket Street food can be found:

  • On market stalls
  • Motorbike sidecars
  • Large carts
  • In ratten baskets carried across the shoulder of wandering vendors
  • Honking a little horn to announce their presence

Street food is incredibly easy to find. Almost every intersection & corner store has a vendor parked up outside. Groups of vendors congregate in specific areas each evening creating impromptu markets.

You can also find them driving or walking during the day, particularly by the beach.

They can include fruit vendors selling yummy, fresh cut up fruit, steamed ground nuts, grilled bananas, sweet potato, corn on the cob, grilled eggs (still in their shells), barbecued meats, sticky rice, ice creams and so many other choices.

How to pick the safest stalls?

  • The safest stalls to eat from are those that are extremely popular especially with locals
  • Those that cook their produce fresh in front of you.



1. Noodle Soup

The most popular and common option and it is remarkably simple.

Noodle soup is made from egg or rice noodles in broth, usually with beef, chicken, pork, or fish balls as well as ground beef, seafood, vegetables or tofu. It is usually served with a host of condiments such as ground chilli flakes, fish sauce and chilli in vinegar and the option of spicing it up as much as you desire.

This meal is available from carts, market stalls and small restaurants.

Most stalls offer different noodle types- glass vermicelli, flat white noodles and instant noodles.

2. Fried Chicken

These stalls provide filling portions of deep fried chicken pieces served with either sticky or yellow rice. With the Thai-style batter the chicken is significantly tastier- in our opinion anyway.

it is also quite a lot cheaper and you can walk away with a large meal for around 50 baht.

The stalls selling fried chicken are generally stationary and are especially common in markets around Phuket.

3. Moo Ping & Khao Niao

A popular street food snacks, moo ping is marinated pork on a skewer, usually served with sticky rice (khao niao). The marinade is quite sweet and really tasty, containing fish sauce, palm sugar, garlic and coconut milk. It makes the meat particularly tender and aromatic, though it also makes it quiet sticky. Available throughout the day, moo ping is particularly popular as breakfast.

4. Som Tam

This spicy and sour salad is now practically the national dish. Not an easy meal to prepare, you will find vendors with giant pestle & mortars attached to their carts churning away at the spices constantly.

The main ingredients to this dish are- green papaya, chilli, lime fish sauce and palm sugar. Common additions include brined crabs, tomatoes, yardlong beans & carrots.
It is a combination of spicy, sour & salty flavours is quite an insult to your taste buds!!!! It is really easy to find throughout Patong in particular.

5. Pancakes (Roti)

These have to be one of the most popular desserts sold at street markets. You will find these pancakes stuffed with slices of banana, Nutella, peanut butter, lathered in condensed milk then cut into small squares and generally served on a banana leaf.

Other types served (roti) are savoury version is more popular with the Thais, generally served with a curry dish on the side or stuffed inside. The spicy breakfast option is a particularly refreshing way to start your day.

In both cases, the vendor’s cart is often fitted with a large hotplate on which they will prepare the pancake fresh.

6. Kanom Jeen

This dish is a popular breakfast dish which consists of sticky rice in tight little bundles, topped with a choice of curries and a collection of crunchy vegetables. This is mostly served up on larger carts and stalls (often where there are tables and chairs already set up)because there are a few sidecars which could can carry this many ingredients. This also allows the stall holders to mix and match beef, chicken, fish and crab curries; the radishes, beansprouts and green beans then all the sauces, spices and condiments. It is a big mix of textures and tastes, from the soft noodles to the watery curries and the tender meat to the crisp vegetables.

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