Phuket Walking Street

Phuket Walking Street is one of the latest attractions in Phuket Old Town. Phuket Walking Street is also known as ‘Lard Yai’ (talaad yai). This means ‘big market’ in Southern Thai dialect.

Where is Phuket Walking Street?

Phuket Walking Street is situated on the beautifully renovated Thalang Road which is right in the middle of the historical Sino-Portuguese district of Phuket Town. The main entrance is on the eastern side of Thalang Road with a sign with Lard Yai written in 3 languages (Thai, Chinese & English), it is situated on a Chinese-style wooden gate which has become a popular attractions for tourists to be photographed in front of.

The markets start late afternoon around 4pm until around 10pm every Sunday and is situated Thalang Road between Phuket & Yaowarat Roads in Old Phuket Town.

What will you find on Thalang Road?

Thalang is a 350m- long commercial and cosmopolitan street which hosts a mix of Baba, Thai, Muslim & Indian shops.
Many shops sell fabrics/tissues, tools, sports equipment, clothes and traditional medicines (the oldest drugstore in Phuket is located here) and all located between coffee shops, restaurants & bars.

You will find many stands selling favourite dishes like barbecued squid, chicken & pork, fruit juices, ice-creams & khanoms (Thai traditional sweets). Interesting food finds are a stall selling horse-shoe crabs and an original tuk-tuk selling beef & chicken burgers which is located at the end of the street. You will also find young Phuket entrepreneurs have started interesting t-shirt & handicraft businesses. Here they have an excellent window to promote & sell their products.

Other items included stuffed animals, printed fabrics & street performances, music & dancing.

Thalang Road is an active and lively street that is amazing for a Thai-style weekend market.

Interesting facts!

  • Thalang Road is one of the only roads on the whole Island that is free of any of those ugly electric cables that are usually hanging in a mass mess throughout the streets.
  • The meaning of Lard Yai – Yai means big and Lard is a shortened version of Thalang. In the southern Thai dialect, there is no letter R so they pronounce Lard as Lad.
  • Many years ago Thalang was the main market street in in town.

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