Post-Op Care

Somnio takes post-care very seriously. We have a less than 1% return rate for procedures in Thailand for a very simple reason – we are accessible day and night. Via email, Facebook, On-line Chat.. even Text.

Heading overseas to either Australia or Thailand for procedures naturally raises concerns for you and most likely loved ones.
The goal of postoperative care is to prevent complications such as infection, to promote healing of the surgical incision, and to return our clients to a good state of health.
Post-operative Care can also refer to the care you receive post-surgery; including support, pain management and wound care.

Main factors in the recovery depend on pre-surgical health, type of surgery and whether the surgery was performed as day surgery or an overnight stay in our Hospitals. Whilst every procedure and each person’s recovery can be very different, we strongly advise not to compare yourself to other clients recovery timeframe.
It’s very important you follow your surgeons instructions once you leave the hospital and on your return home. Ensure you take the medications as prescribed and ensure you go to all your post-surgery appointments.

If you’re in Phuket then Somnio will have their staff assist you in person with all the post-consults.
We will also be accessible for any concerns you may have once you return to the hotel in your recovery prior to your follow-up appointments. If you have major concerns, you will be able to contact us easily, and we will arrange an immediate appointment with your surgeon and organise all your transfers to you to and from the Hospital.

Some questions you can ask your surgeon or Somnio Coordinator prior to departure and or/Discharge from Hospital:

  • How long will I be expected to remain in the hospital?
  • Will I need any special supplies or medications when I go home?
  • What side effects can I expect?
  • What things should I avoid?
  • When can I resume normal activities?

Somnio also highly recommends clients to visit their regular GP prior to surgery. Inform your Doctor of upcoming procedures you are about to undergo and arrange an appointment for your return, for a routine check-up of incisions and overall health. We also recommend having some help when you return home with everyday household chores.

While recuperating back home, Somnio HQ will be in contact to see how you’re going and if you have any concerns. However, while we would love to call you on a daily basis – it’s not entirely possible… so we do stress to ALL our clients to contact us when they have ANY concerns whether it be major or minor (no such thing)… weekday, night or even weekends.

Helpful hints for preparing you home before surgery:

Make your house a relaxing space

Better healing happens in a serene, low-stress space. So, tackle your overflowing laundry basket, put fresh sheets on the bed and get the house tidy. Get everything ready so you have nothing to worry about besides yourself. Also, pull down items you will need from up-high spaces, as it’s likely you won’t be raising your arms over your head.

Set Up a ‘Post-Op Recovery table’

Set up a table close to you with things you’ll need when you get home: medication, tissues, water bottle, TV remote, mobile phone. Even get some of your favourite movies or books ready to keep you entertained.


Plump up your pillows. Make your sleep time as comfortable as possible.


You probably won’t feel up to hanging out in the kitchen, so stock up on easy-to-prep foods. If you’re a cook, make and freeze your favourite dishes ahead of time (and if you’re not, maybe you can call on your family members or friends to bring you some.)

Organise Childcare (for human and fur babies)

You probably won’t feel up to going for that daily walk with the dog straight away, or if you have young children, you will not be able to pick them up for at least a few weeks after your surgery. To make things easier for yourself either organize to take your kids to a childcare or get someone to stay and assist you for a few days after your surgery.


Find some ‘easy-off’ clothing. After your surgery, you won’t be able to lift your arms to put on your t-shirt. It is a good idea to show up to surgery with a shirt or sweater that zips or buttons up at the front. These will also be handy for when you get back home as well.

Pill Organiser

It’s important you stick to the medication schedule that your surgeon gives you. A Pill Organizer is a cheap and effective way to make sure that you take your medication as prescribed, which is especially important where antibiotics are concerned. Pain medications, when taken other than as prescribed, can be very dangerous. A pill organizer can help you to remember when you are due to for the next dosage of medication.