Preparing for your Plastic Surgery consult

Write Down your Questions

Your consultation should be a two-way street, not a long lecture from your surgeon, so make sure you ask your surgeon any questions you may have. A great way to ensure you remember them is to bring a list of questions and concerns. Remember, your consultation is about informing and educating you about the procedure, and it’s essential that your surgeon informs you about the details that truly matter to you.

You should also use this as the perfect time to learn about your surgeon and really get to know them. After all, it’s important that you trust the person performing your procedure. Make sure to ask your surgeon questions like “how frequently do you perform this procedure,” or “what’s your experience with this procedure?”


Gather Your Medical History

Best to bring along your medical history information just in case. Even if it’s not needed, better to always check it all with your surgeon for your safety. This includes and recent tests such a mammograms, blood test. Medications you are on. If you have recently been ill and any treatment you needed.

Also if you have any vitamins, supplements, or any other natural medications you take, best to check these with your surgeon as well, as these can still interfere with certain medications and with your surgery.


Research the procedures you are interested in

Though your surgeon will explain everything to you in detail, you don’t want to walk in to your consultation without a single clue about your procedure. The more you know about your procedure, the faster you and your surgeon can get on common ground, and richer and rewarding your consultation will be. In addition, the more you know about the procedure, the better you can plan your questions for the surgeon.


Take your time

Make sure you take your time and don’t rush through your consult. Make sure you schedule it on a day and time when you can devote as much time as necessary to talk to your surgeon. A rushed consultation is a recipe for misunderstanding and miscommunication. A calm, comfortable consultation is key to getting the most thorough understanding of your procedure.


Wear clothing that is usual to you

Especially for procedures such as Breast Augmentation, when you are trying on implants its best to view them in clothing that you know how it usually sits on you. So bring a long a tight fitted tshirt or your favourite top.


Bring reference pictures

Of course you need to understand that everybody is different and starts with a different canvas, so you don’t want to bring images to your consult and tell your surgeon you want to look exactly the same, as it’s not likely to be possible. But its still a great idea to bring a range of images to show what outcome you would like to achieve so your surgeon can discuss what has to be done to achieve that look, and if it’s possible or not.


Understand the limitations of the procedure you are considering

You’d like to avoid the long scar of a full Tummy Tuck, but think…. are you really a candidate for a mini-tummy tuck? Be honest with yourself. Know that if you have some sag to your breasts that doing a breast augmentation without a breast lift might not give you the results you want. You want some filler in your smile lines, but in the mirror you love the way your cheeks look when you pull them up a bit. Are fillers going to give you what you want, or do you need a facelift?


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