Neck Lift

A neck lift is performed to significantly reduce the appearance of sagging skin under the jaw and is intended to provide a natural, attractive and more youthful appearance with a better contour. Many factors play a role in the ageing of facial skin. These include the physical environment (sun, wind), the type of skin (elasticity, thickness), the complexion (pale, dark, ruddy), weight alterations, nutrition, smoking and menopause.

A neck lift addresses common concerns like ‘turkey wattle neck’, excess skin and excess fat beneath the chin and on the neck.

The procedure gets its name, platysmaplasty, from the platysma muscles found on each side of the neck that extend from the corner of the mouth to the upper part of the shoulder. With age, lack of exercise, poor posture and fat deposits, your platysma muscles contribute to vertical skin folds and a double chin. A neck lift procedure will tighten up the muscles, remove excess skin and fat to give you a more youthful-looking and firm neck and chin area.

The neck lift procedure begins with your surgeon making a small incision under your chin and other incisions possibly in front of and/or behind the ears. These allow access to the platysma and any fat deposits on your neck. The muscles can be tightened and excess fat removed surgically or via liposuction. The incisions that are made near your ears allow the surgeon to remove excess skin.

Medical Complications Insurance

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  • 90 day post-surgery Insurance Policy
  • Coverage up to 350,000THB (approx. $14,000AUD)
  • *Covers corrective Surgery, Accommodation, Flights to Thailand and Meals
  • For all of Somnio’s partners – Bangkok Hospital Phuket, Phuket International Hospital (PPSI) and Bangkok Hospital Samui; clientele up to 70 years of age who undergo an elective procedure worth more than 50,000THB (approx. $2000 AUD)

*conditions apply

Cosmetic Procedures in Thailand

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