Forehead Lift

Brow lift surgery, also referred to as a forehead or eyebrow lift, allows plastic surgery patients to achieve a younger, more refreshed look by smoothing the forehead, reducing frown lines, and elevating the position of the eyebrow line. Brow lift can smooth fine lines and creases, elevate the forehead, reposition the eyebrow line, and lift and remove excess forehead skin that has lost its elasticity with age. Brow lifts make you appear years younger, without a dramatic change to your appearance.

These changes can begin as early as in the late 20s or early 30s, depending on how well you have protected your skin from the elements and kept it nourished and hydrated. These changes can make you look older than you are, giving your face a tired, angry or sad expression. A permanently grumpy or haggard appearance can be a problem, not just in your personal and social life, but in your professional life as well. This is why many people choose to undergo a forehead lift procedure.

Men and women age differently, and no two people show signs of ageing in exactly the same way. Each person’s facial features and skin respond to the ravages of time differently. Modern facial plastic surgeons perform forehead lift surgery after carefully taking these individual differences into consideration.

The surgical incisions made during forehead lift surgery can be placed at or behind your hairline or, in some instances, above your brow or in the mid-forehead.

Revision/Corrective Surgery Cover

All Somnio’s major hospitals in Thailand offer a client guarantee policy to cover revision operations in Thailand should it be deemed necessary by the hospital’s board. If revision surgery is required, as a result from your elective surgery in Thailand, the Hospital Board will offer full or partial contributions towards the cost for the operation (could include: flights, accommodation and surgeon/theatre costs).

In addition to the client guarantee, if flights and accommodation are NOT covered by the hospital for the revision surgery, Somnio offers a Return Travel Warranty, that can be purchased separately, covering you in the unfortunate case that you are required to return to Thailand and the travel portion has not been covered. This warranty will cover flights and accommodation for the duration of stay required by the Hospital board for the surgery.

Additional elective medical coverage is also available through our partners at Global Protective Solutions. GPS provides benefits and services for both travel related accidents / illness as well as a host of benefits in the event of a medical complication that is a result from your elective procedure.

Hospital Client Guarantee Return Travel Warranty

Global Protective Solutions

Cosmetic Procedures in Thailand

Somnio Medical specialises in offering tailor made and affordable cosmetic holiday packages to Thailand, including destinations such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui.

Cosmetic surgery procedures that we provide in Thailand include breast augmentations, tummy tucks, facelifts, and much more, and we also cater to those looking for non-invasive cosmetic solutions such as fillers or jet peels, or dental procedures such as whitening, veneers and implants.

Our cosmetic surgery packages can be tailored to Anytime and Solo travellers, as well as to Group Tours, which are personally escorted hosted tours that depart up to 6 times a year. Save up to 70% on cosmetic, dental and/or anti-aging procedures with Somnio Medical, join our mailing list to stay up to date with our specials!

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