iLASIK (Phuket)

Supreme iLASIK Phuket uses Advanced iLasik Technology from the US for vision correction that is safe and highly effective, with a team comprised of experienced Ophthalmologists specializing in cornea and refractive surgery, certified to use iLasik Technology.

ILasik is considered among the most advanced LASIK surgical procedures in the field of Ophthalmology today. In traditional Lasik procedure, a hand held blade is used to create the flap and an excimer laser is used to reshape the tissues underneath. But with an iLasik procedure, a intralase laser is used to create the flap and VISX laser reshapes the tissues underneath. iLasik is open to fix near-sightedness, far-sightedness or astigmatism.

ILasik is more superior to the conventional Lasik both in terms of vision outcomes and overall safety. Recovery period after an iLasik surgery is much faster and the chances of inflammation and infections in the eyes are very rare and lower than in a Traditional lasik. The surgery itself only takes 15-20 minutes for both eyes. It will require up to a total of 2 hours in the center including preparations. After the surgery, you can return to your hotel that same day. Approximately 7 days in Phuket is needed and the rest of your routine check-ups can be completed with an Ophthalmologist in your country.

Advantages of iLASIK

  • Corrects all kinds of refractive errors from myopia, hyperopia to astigmatism.
  • Treats eyesight problem in every remedial stage with laser.
  • Vision can be normal instantly after iLasik treatment is done.
  • Patient needs no recuperation at the clinic after iLasik treatment.
  • No suture, the corneas will be rapidly recuperated by themselves.
  • Laser beam which is controlled by optical computer system in every stage
    shall guarantee you on safety, accuracy, and after-treatment results.
  • No need to use any amount of anaesthetic. Only anaesthetic drops are used.
  • Minimum level of side effects: reducing dry eyes and a symptom concerning seeing
    scattered radiance around light bulbs in the night time.