Protein.. The human building block

Looking after your insides will reflect on your outsides… Ill say it a million times…
Diet, exercise, sleep, nutrients, minerals…. ALL play an key factor in how our bodies will not only feel on the inside BUT look on the outside.. Do you know what your daily intake of protein should be? Do you even know what protein is for? What it does? How do we get it?

Protein is an important component of every cell in your body. Did you know hair and nails are mostly made of protein? Its also an important element of bones, muscles, cartridge, skin and blood. Our body also uses it to build and repair tissues, so it is an important requirement of anyone’s diet not just body builders and a super important element for those undergoing any sort of surgery that is looking for the best ways to heal post-surgery as protein is needed for cellular repair and to form blood cells.

Protein is a ‘macronutrient’ meaning the body needs relatively large amounts of it (vitamins and minerals, are needed in only small quantities and are called “micronutrients’). Obtaining protein can come from a number of sources including, milk, meat, fish, soy, eggs but our bodies could likely to be deficient in it as unlike carbs and fat the body does not store protein and therefore has no supply to draw from when we need. So adding this via a supplement is a great way to ensure you are getting the right amount. It can also aid in weight-loss!!!

Tips –

  • If your protein is marketed as a specific type of protein (e.g., whey isolate), make sure that’s the first ingredient in the ingredient list
  • Scan for artificial sweeteners. To keep the carb count low, companies sometimes use these instead of real sugar
  • Make sure the ingredient list is short. You’re buying a protein powder for the protein, after all, not the additives
  • Pick a neutral flavour to get the most bang for your buck. The most versatile protein powders are the unflavoured
  • Having a natural plant based and highly digestible protein powder is a great option for those with sensitive tummies post-surgery as a result on being on other medication