Removing your Breast Implants

Nicola Robinson (Pete Evans wife) has removed her “toxic” breast implants.

In the mid 2000s, she was known as Nicky Watson – a hard-partying glamour model who admitted to having threesomes, using drugs and undergoing THREE breast enlargements with her first one being at the age of 21.

But today, the same woman lives a far quieter life as self-styled ‘Nutrition Mermaid’ Nicola Robinson, and is perhaps best known for introducing husband Pete Evans to the controversial Paleo diet. They don’t eat grains, dairy or legumes. They don’t drink alcohol and think fluoride is harmful. The couple are self-anointed paleo diet ambassadors, except for one niggling detail – Robinson has breast implants and a face full of injectable’s.

It’s a double standard not lost on Robinson. As she states she wasn’t leading a natural life due to her “two toxic silicon implants”, and vowed to have them removed, saying that getting them was the “deepest regret of her life”.

After vowing to remove her implants earlier this year, the New Zealand-born beauty went ahead with the surgery recently. Posting to Instagram saying she is “so positively thankful & blessed to be carrying a much lighter load of unnecessary baggage,”

Whats involved when removing Breast Implants?

While the removal of breast implants isn’t as painful as having them inserted, the recovery may be uncomfortable and take some getting use to.

The surgery can be done as a day procedure, but often it will require drainage tubes. As you are leaving a space behind its likely the body will fill that space with blood or body fluid so tubes are put in place to drain the fluid.

To minimise scarring, your surgeon will normally reopen the incision that was used to place the breast implants in, to remove the implant and then sewn the skin back together.

In women who may not have had much breast tissue to start with, if the implants are sizeable and they have been in for some time, this may result in thinning of that breast tissue, so you might be slightly flatter. Not because you’ve lost breast tissue but because it’s been flattened at stretched.

You may need to have further surgery such as a breast lift to address the stretched skin.

Why have your implants removed?

Breast implant removal is commonly performed on women who have experienced sagging due to aging, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations, or are simply no longer satisfied with the look and feel of their implants.

Removal is also frequently performed on patients who develop complications after surgery, have implants that have deflated or ruptured or when the patient is displeased with their results.

Or maybe like Nicola, you just want to live a natural lifestyle without any foreign objects in your body.


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