So what happens when I return home….?

For extra peace of mind Somnio suggests you seriously contemplate a little extra cover for a very little cost. With our return travel warranty you can minimise the cost of your return travel if it becomes necessary.

Somnio wants to safeguard our clients in the unfortunate case that return travel to Bangkok or Phuket is required for revised procedures.

All surgery poses a risk whether it is a standard Breast Augmentation OR a complicated Body Lift. In some cases, after your return home, revision surgery may become necessary as a result of a medical complication or aesthetic results that require revision work.

Somnio’s team up with our partner hospitals Guarantees & Policies in Bangkok & Phuket. Both these Hospital’s have a policy in place to cover revision surgery should it be deemed necessary.

If revision surgery is required, as a result from your surgery in Thailand, the Hospital Board will offer full or partial contributions towards the cost for the revision surgery.

This revision surgery cost, and any other costs covered, will be determined by Phuket International Hospital, Dr Boonchai, Dr Thanakom or Bangpakok 9 Hospital board and sent to Somnio for client approval.

However, very rarely are flights and accommodation compensated even when the Hospital has acknowledged that corrective surgery will be required, which can leave our clients out of pocket thousands.

At Somnio, we offer our Return Travel Warranty to pay for the following travel costs for our clients:


HOTEL – Minimum 3-4 star property (Maximum stay is to be stipulated in Hospital/Surgeon Review Board offer)

MEALS – Full Breakfast Buffet

FLIGHTS – Return Economy Flights chosen by Somnio on Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia, Jetstar or Qantas Airlines; or other as selected by Somnio.

TRANSFERS – Return Airport – Hotel Transfers in Thailand & Hotel to Hospital transfers in Thailand.

PROCEDURES: The Return Travel Warranty is only available for revision surgery for Breast, Body and Facial Procedures including Capsular Contracture.


Somnio will not pay for or compensate our clients for the following costs:

Companions airfares, accommodation, meals or additional transfers (other than that supplied for our client).

Hotel or hospital room service or incidentals (such as mini bar, laundry, meals (excluding breakfast as above).

Revision Surgery only partially covered by partner hospitals in Phuket and Bangkok – Hospital must accept full responsibility for revision surgery.

Other procedures: such as Dental, Non-Invasive, Emergency Medical Treatment, infections or scar revision.


Clients must give Somnio written notice of a claim against the Return Travel Warranty in the form required by Somnio.

Notice of valid claims must be made 12 months from date of original surgery.

Only valid at Bangpakok9, Dr Boonchai, Dr Thanakom and Phuket International Hospital

Coverage only available if hospital/Surgeon has sent a formal review board offer to client offering full revision surgery.

All claims are subject to compliance with the terms of the Rerun Travel Warranty and approved by Somnio.

Client must follow all pre/post-surgical guidelines and instructions. This includes post-surgery follow-up appointments in Thailand

and on return home post-surgery phone calls and/or emails including submission to Somnio of 6 & 12 week post-surgery images.

The Return Travel Warranty does not include any form of reimbursement compensation or payout by Somnio for the cost of travel.

All travel must be directly booked and paid by Somnio International Medical Holidays.

Only covers implants under 500cc

The Return Travel Warranty does not cover or include any other costs, compensation or payment or any other claim or action relating to our clients’ original or revision surgery unless otherwise agreed to by Somnio in writing or if required at law.

Capsular Contracture is not covered by PPSI or Bangpakok9 revision polices, however, if the original surgeon does confirm capsular contracture, you are still covered by the Somnio Return Travel Warranty for the above cover inclusions for implants <500cc.

Warranty Coverage 1
Purchase Price $299 (AUD)
For original surgery up to THB 180,000 (Approx. $7200 AUD)
Warranty Coverage 2
Purchase Price $499 (AUD)
For original surgery over THB 180,000 (Approx. $7200 AUD)