Rice Bag Test

If you are considering breast augmentation you may be wondering about what breast implant size to choose. Breast implants range in a number of sizes and are measured in volumes of cubic centimetres (cc’s).  However, a given implant size might end up being a C cup on one women’s frame and a B cup on someone else’s.

Although you will be given implant samples to try on during you face to face consult, some patients either travelling overseas or from out of state may not have their consult until the day before surgery. So to determine what size implant you may like, you can perform a ‘Rice Bag Test’, and it can be done in the comfort of your own home.

What you will need:

A few knee high stockings or pantyhose cut off at the knee or zip lock bags

Several cups of uncooked rice

Measuring cups

A comfortable sports bra

*Some women use a regular bra to hold their rice test breast implants. That’s not really the best idea since underwire, padding, and other features will change how the size looks. The sports bra applies a certain amount of pressure to the rice packets. This more closely resembles what your implants would look like compressed under your breast tissue.



1/8 cup rice = 30cc
1/4 cup rice = 59cc
1/3 cup rice = 78cc
1/2 cup rice = 118cc
2/3 cup rice = 156cc
3/4 cup rice = 177cc
1 cup rice = 236cc

Using the above measurements as an estimated size, add the desired amount of rice to the foot of the stocking. Twist and wrap the end of the stocking so that the rice is in a ball at the end. The rice should not be packed too firmly. The packet of rice should flatten out a little when you hold it in your hand – like a real implant.

Put on your sports bran and insert your rice test breast implants. Don’t place them too close together in an attempt to create cleavage since that is not how actual implants are placed. On each side, adjust placement so your nipple is lined up approximately with the center of the “tester.”

Stand up straight with good posture and check out the size in the mirror from as many angles as possible. Take pictures of each result so you can compare various breast implants sizes side by side later. That’s easier than trying to remember which one you liked best.

Once you find a size you like, wear it around the house for a while to see how it feels.

Things to Remember:

– Keep in mind that this check is a very rough approximation. Every woman’s body is different.

– If your implants will be placed underneath the muscle, you may need to adjust the size of your implants upward by about 15 percent from the amount you liked while doing the rice test in order to account for the compression of the pectoral muscle on the implants.

– This test is only for the Volume of the implants. It does not take in to consideration the profile of an implant (how much the implant projects forward from the chest wall)