Surgery before kids

Should I postpone my surgery until I’m done having children?

Many of our patients are often curious about whether they should put off their chosen procedures until they’ve finished having children.

Pregnancy can change your body in many different ways depending on your unique body type and health history; for instance, it can change your breast size and shape, or lead to excess pockets of loose skin. For these reasons, you might want to wait until after you’re done having children before pursuing certain cosmetic procedures that can help you achieve your ideal look. Otherwise, results from surgery can be short-lived, and might not meet your expectations.

Facial Surgery

In general, facial procedures, such as facelift or rhinoplasty, can be performed at any point in a woman’s life, provided she meets other guidelines for candidacy. Because pregnancy does not tend to greatly affect the structure of the face, these procedures are usually safe for women of all ages, and results should not be altered too much.

Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty’s (tummy tuck) procedures are usually recommended to be postponed until after a patient has finished having children. During abdominoplasty, excess skin is removed and abdominal muscles are tightened with internal sutures. Though not always, the effects of pregnancy on this area of the body can actually reverse a tummy tuck. For this reason, few surgeons recommend abdominoplasty on patients who are seriously considering future pregnancies.

Breast Surgery

Breast enhancement is a little trickier. Due to the anatomy of the breast, most doctors recommend that lift (mastopexy) and reduction surgeries be postponed until after pregnancy. Additionally, the incisions used during these surgeries often involve the nipple. Surgical alteration of the nipple can make it difficult or impossible to breastfeed later in life.

If you are consider a breast augmentation only, this doesn’t always directly interfere with pregnancy. If you let your surgeon know you would like to have children in the future they can place you implant is a position that will give you better chances of breastfeeding.

However another thing to keep in mind, is that your breast are likely to grown and stretch during pregnancy. While for some people their skin may shrink back to normal size and they won’t see any changes, but for many they will not sit as perky as they original did and you may need to consider getting a breast lift and implants replaced down the track.


Pregnancy will not ruin or undo what liposuction has done. Liposuction is the process of removing small amounts of fat from various parts of the body. Once that fat is removed, it is gone forever. That is not to say that new fat cannot form in the same places – it can and it might when you get pregnant and have a baby. So if you would be happier now with your body after liposuction you can get it done, though you may need a touch up after pregnancy.

 Answer….There Is No Right Answer

While there are many procedures and possible outcomes, what is most important for patients to understand is that timing is a highly personal decision. For each woman, the decision to undergo elective cosmetic procedures must be made to suit her unique needs and desires. Electing to undergo the procedure before or after children may have an impact on the results, so it’s essential to learn all the facts about the procedure you are considering and speak with your surgeon if you are planning on having children.

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