Surgery in Summer: What you need to know


Dates Fill Up Quick

If you planning to have your surgery in Summer, you may not be aware that this is one of the busiest times of the year for Plastic Surgery. As you are probably thinking to have your surgery during the summer holidays when you have plenty of time off to relax and heal….remember that everyone else has the same idea.

Not only do people want to have their procedures during the holiday season but as swimsuit season approaches and the winter layers come off, people start thinking about what they would like to change to their body to get them looking their best for summer.

So if you were want surgery this summer, you’d better start finalising your dates before they are all filled up!


You’ll Need to Keep Cool

Right after surgery, your body needs to devote its energy to healing, not keeping cool. Plan on spending a week or two indoors after surgery, especially if you live in a hot climate like Australia.

Use indoor cooling and fans to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Many patients will be wearing extra layers of bandaging or compression garments after surgery. Staying out of the heat will make these extra layers more tolerable.


The Sun is Not Your Friend

Skip the tan this summer and get plastic surgery instead. If you’re planning on plastic surgery this summer, don’t plan a summer in the sun. Right after surgery, you’ll be more likely to sunburn and less likely to notice. Your skin’s circulation is disturbed which can increase the likelihood of a sunburn. New scars are also more sensitive to the sun. Too much sun, too soon can lead to a darkening of scars. If your incision lines are still pink, limit your sun exposure. Layers and sunscreen are important post-surgery tools for every patient


No Swimming For You

Summer means swimming, but not if you’ve had a recent plastic surgery. You’ll need to avoid swimming pools, spas, lakes, and oceans for a couple of weeks after surgery. These bodies of water are more likely to contain pathogens and can increase your chances of infection after surgery. You’ll have plenty of time to sport that bikini and show off your new look after you’ve fully healed. Skipping the pool can be one of the most difficult parts of a summertime plastic surgery recovery, but the results are certainly worth it.


Drink Up ….. Water That Is!

Dehydration is very common during the summer and can lead to complications after surgery. Dehydration can slow healing and lead to post-surgical complications. Drink lots of water before and after surgery and in hot weather, pay special attention to your hydration needs. We recommend stocking your fridge with your favourite non-alcoholic beverages.


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