Surgical Error vs. Unhappy Outcome

Our hospitals in Thailand have excellent client guarantees policies in place to cover you long after you’ve returned home. They believe in top quality care and want their clients to be assured that they are not taking any unnecessary risk by travelling overseas for surgery.These policies are in place to cover corrective surgery, should it be deemed necessary.

If corrective surgery is required as a result of your surgery in Thailand, the Hospital Board with offer either full or partial contributions towards the costs of your revision surgery.  However it will not cover clients who are simply unhappy with the outcome of their surgery.

So what’s the difference between a surgical error and an outcome you’re unhappy with?

Surgical error is referring to an error or complication that is a result of your surgery, hospital treatment and/or hospital admission. An outcome your unhappy with could be due to unrealistic expectations or risks associated with surgery that are not a result of surgical error. Such as capsular contractor, numbness, asymmetry, scars, changes associated with weight gain/loss, or pregnancy after the surgery.

Other cases of unhappy outcomes may be from complications that come with any surgery, and are not necessarily a fault of the surgeon or hospital.  These could include delayed wound healing, necrosis, hematomas or infection. These can also be due to clients having pre-exiting medical conditions or possibly not following post op instructions.

Though there is a grey area, where in some cases, both the client has follow all pre-op instructions and the surgeon has performed a successful surgery, however the results are still not satisfactory. In these cases the hospital may offer partial compensation. For example they may offer you revision surgery free of charge but you have to cover your flights and accommodation.

Having realistic expectations

One of the biggest reason people aren’t happy with their results is because they have unrealistic expectations to begin with. The most important thing is to discuss this with your surgeon so you are aware of the results you are wanting and if those results are achievable. For example, if you have heavy, sagging breasts and your expectations are – I want round, high and perky breasts, this may not be achievable.

Just remember to trust in your surgeon. Our Plastic Surgeons are fantastic but they are not magician, they will advise on the best procedures, implants, and techniques, to get you as close as possible to the results you are wanting. If you are expecting ‘perfect’ results after surgery then you are setting yourself up to not be happy with the outcome.

Though its perfectly fine to have images of the results you are hoping to achieve and show these to your surgeon. Just remember when searching for post-surgery images, try to find both before and after pictures so you can see what their bodies looked like prior to surgery, look for people who have had the same procedure you are needing (there’s no point looking at standard breast augmentations when you are needing a Reduction/Lift), and try to find nude images rather than images of a breasts in a bikini or bra so you can see how they sit naturally.

Forums are also great for support and advice and to see other people’s results… however too many people compare their outcome to others. No two surgeries are the same and your outcome will be completely unique to anyone else’s.


If you are healthy without prior medical conditions and have realistic expectations, follow your surgeon’s advice and recovery instructions, our hospitals and surgeons are confidant you will be happy with your results.

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