Im so very glad I followed my dreams of looking and feeling normal again, I would recommend that anybody who just thinks about it, just do it. The whole experience has already changed my life! I feel fantastic and much happier with my overall appearance, thank you to the lovely and helpful staff at Somnio for everything they have done for me!

Breast lift, Augmentation and tummy tuck – Phuket

I have no complaints! Somino was amazing, and the tour was planned so well. I felt safe and comfortable, and Virginia is amazing! Would not hesitate to book again. So happy with my results and surgeon! 10/10!

BA Phuket

Virginia and her team made organizing everything so simple and easy from enquiry, organizing the trip answering any questions I had. The group trip was excellent as I had no one available to travel with me at the time and felt at ease knowing I would have others there and also Virginia. I made some great friends in the group everyone was so lovely. The hospital was in top condition the nurses were very kind and caring even through the language barriers. Tammy was also excellent, caring and has a very calming presence. My surgeon was great and was able to recommend exactly what I wanted and the outcome I am more than extatic with. They look fantastic and they will only get better over time. The recovery was very easy and there was never much pain just tightness/tenderness. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Somnio again in the future and so many friends have commented on how great my outcome looks and I have told them all great things about Somnio. Thanks for helping make everything so easy!

BA Phuket

Yesterday I returned home to Perth after having a Breast Augmentation done at Phuket International Hospital in Thailand. ( My very first surgery ever !) Somnio International Medical Specialists handled my entire medical procedure from Go to Whoa. What an outstanding and professional team you have. Virginia and Lisa … what can I say .. your endless professional and experienced manner in which you treated me during this time, made me feel like I was your most important client. Virgina and Lisa’s customer service to me was second to none. Then there is Thailand and you will more than likely be met by Tammy, Wow !! What can I say ? Within minutes of talking with her you suddenly feel like you have been friends with her for many years. Never have I met a more warmer , kinder , devoted and caring woman. Tammy surely is an absolute asset to your company. I cannot find enough words of praise for her. Dr Parinya , the surgeon who performed my much sought after Breast Augmentation, did everything to perfection and performed everything as discussed at my earlier consultation. He is a very professional, highly skilled Surgeon happy and eager to answer any questions that I may have had. Every person whom I had the pleasure of dealing with , throughout my entire stay in Thailand left me feeling completely at ease and 100% safe in very capable , experienced hands. Somnio has helped me to achieve a life long dream, I cannot thank you enough . Virgina , Lisa, Tammy and Dr Parinya are the only ones that I will recommend time and time again to everyone . You are all wonderful .

Aleisha BA Phuket

I was very impressed with the professionalism of the hospital and all the staff! everything exceeded my expectations! The staffs were all so genuinely caring, our wellbeing and happiness was clearly their top priority, and nothing was ever too much trouble. I can’t recommend the hospital, doctors and staff enough…i will not hesitate in having future procedures done there.

Mermaid Beach

It was the most caring and professional experience I have ever had with a hospital, the nurses are so gentle and genuinely caring and so professional, I would not hesitate to return. The Doctors also so understand and professional and extremely gentle, I would love to return for more procedures as soon as I can. The transport from airport to hospital and return and all appointments, they take all the worry away and leaves you feeling so relaxed. A wonderful experience


Everything is going really well! So happy 🙂 it really has changed my life and the way I feel about myself has improved so much!!

Bec – BA Phuket

I travelled to Phuket for my breast augmentation. I went with my boyfriends and we stayed at the Amari. The accommodation was fantastic and the transfer to and from the hospital was also great, on time, clean and professional. I meet Nicky at the consultation and she was so lovely, her English was great and she answered all my questions. I had to wait a little while to see my doctor, but when I got in to see him he took his time and answered all my questions. I had photos of what I wanted and he was very honest with me. He also told me that I would only need to go over the muscle not half under half over. Which was what I was originally told and paid for. This was great news, because this placement is meant to be less painful and is cheaper. I was told I would be refunded the money after my surgery through Somnio.

From here, everything happened very quickly, I got my blood taken, my chest x-rayed and I was in my surgery at 1pm. The staff are all very lovely and professional and the hospital is clean. Apart from waiting for the doctor initially I did not have to wait again, which was great because I was hungry.

I woke up from my surgery and honestly can’t remember too much, I wasn’t in any pain and the nurses checked on me all night. My boyfriend stayed in the hospital overnight. I was checked out the next morning and relaxed for 2 days. Going for short walks and chilling out. I got my stitches out 7 days later and felt fine. My nipples were super sensitive, but I was told that was normal.

It’s now 5 months on from my surgery and I am so happy with the results. My scars are healing nicely and I have recommended Somnio and Thailand to anyone who will listen, my friend Emily has booked in for Feb 16.

Tara – BA Phuket


Just wanted to thank you for everything over the past few months.

Your re assurance with my million questions and prompt responses to all emails has been really appreciated.

I felt informed through the whole process from beginning to end.

Dr Dilip and his team were all lovely. Clare, the head nurse was amazing. She was friendly and very thorough.

Dr Dilip spent over an hour with me during my consult. He went through all details with me and spent alot of time making sure I had no questions.

On the day of surgery, Dr Dilip was very reassuring and also waited to see me after surgery to make sure I was ok.

The following day the nurse and Dr Dilip again, spent over an hour checking my progress and making sure I was happy.

I’m very happy with my progress so far and am completely satisfied with the services of Virginia and Dr Dilip and his team.

Brittany – BA & L Gold Coast

When I began planning to have a breast augmentation, I was completely against going overseas to have the procedure. When I dug a little deeper and started researching different options, I compared surgeon’s qualifications in Thailand versus surgeons here in Australia. Many of the surgeons in Thailand were highly qualified and had the same, if not more, qualifications and experience in comparison to Australian surgeons.

What sold me completely was being able to choose a highly qualified plastic surgeon in Thailand for significantly less cost than a cosmetic surgeon here in Australia (I was planning on seeing a cosmetic surgeon in Australia – through my research I found there was a massive difference between cosmetic and plastic surgeons).

My experience with Somnio was fantastic. Amanda and Virginia made constant contact via phone and email prior to the surgery and were always happy to answer any questions – which I had plenty of. They provided constant support during my recovery period in Thailand and once I went home, always answered my phone calls/emails promptly.

Originally I was going to travel by myself but managed to get time off to travel in a group tour. I couldn’t imagine how I would’ve coped traveling by myself; the group provided so much support and made the healing process so much faster. Having others going through similar situations really helped allay any fears or worries I had. Amanda and Virginia were always available if I needed any help, even for the silliest things such as getting dressed (which was an effort at times!). Being away from home and responsibilities also helped me to recuperate faster compared with recovering at home – I didn’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning – I was able to just relax and take life easy.

The hospital was very modern and clean. My surgeon was very personable; he didn’t rush my consult and spent heaps of time with me. He explained the procedure thoroughly, answering questions on the way. He listened to what I wanted then guided me in choosing the right size and type of implants that best suited me – to give me the best outcome.

I would highly recommend going overseas for breast augmentation but it is important that anyone considering it does their own research. If I decided to have any further cosmetic procedures I would absolutely travel overseas to have them done, no question about it!

Samantha – BA Phuket

I was blown away by the efficiency, quality and value for money for my breast augmentation package. After seeing the facilities at Phuket International Hospital, I would never use an Australian Hospital again. The level of care, and the ‘nurse: patient’ ratio was outstanding, in addition to no waiting time and being escorted by staff when traveling between different hospital departments, and the nurses were all so lovely.

I would definitely use SOMNIO in the future (I think Mum was so impressed that she is now considering having a procedure too!) Virginia was amazing support throughout the whole process, especially when I had to rebook my flights when the airline collapsed two days before flying out. Her diligence, efficiency and quick thinking made all the difference! To anyone considering breast augmentation, but not sure about it: A very wise friend of mine once said to me “If having it done makes you wake up every day and LOVE what you see in the mirror, then do it…” That statement stayed with me, as you cannot put a price on the satisfaction and way you feel when you see your beautiful new body…its priceless! And if you’re at all concerned about other’s opinions about your decision to have surgery, remember this: “People who tell you to love yourself as you are can’t stand to see you become even better”. If you want this bad enough, no ill-informed opinion will stand in your way.

Thank you to the nurses and staff at Phuket International Hospital, you made everything so easy and stress-free. A massive thank you to Dr Sanguan and his talented team, I would whole-heartedly recommend you to anyone, your attention to detail and commitment to helping me achieve the look I wanted helped me relax and know I was is very capable hands. To Virginia and SOMNIO, Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You have helped me achieve something I have wanted so badly, for so long. You took the doubt and stress out of this whole process, and I felt so at peace knowing everything was taken care of for me.

Shari – BA Phuket

We had the most amazing time in Phuket. It was the best holiday we have ever been on. So many things to do, and places to see.

The Somnio girls are just wonderful. They are very caring, helpful, and show a genuine interest towards all your needs and concerns.

The friendly and caring nature of the staff at the Bangkok Hospital made our hospital stay very pleasant. You actually had to remind yourself that you were at a hospital.

We enjoyed the privacy that going to Thailand for a medical holiday enabled us to have. We wanted privacy in our decision about surgery and Thailand gave us that privacy we needed.

Who could have thought that a life changing operation and an absolutely amazing holiday could be had all at the same time.

Adam & Erin – Phuket

I just want to write an email to let you know how extremely happy I was with the service I received from Somnio and PIAC’s Dr. Thanakom.

Travelling on my own was not wha I particularly wanted or was easy but Somnio made it so much easier. Not only did Beer go and get a sim card for me and set it up (I had a lot of trouble with that) but she sat with me in the waiting room of the consult and up until I went into surgery. I appreciated that much more then I could even explain.

April was a great help from the beginning when I first contacted Somnio. Then when I was in Thailand she was easily accessible for any of my freak out emails or texts, and even though sometimes even I knew I was being a stress head, she was always polite, patient and reassured me. She did a great job of organising the whole trip and everything was paid and ready.

Even though I was an anytime traveller April organised with Yana to invite me to diner with the group – which by that time was half way through my trip and I was starting to really get down, missing my kids and being very lonely (rain wasn’t helping that either) I hadn’t even been out to dinner yet. So the fact that Yana came up to my room and invited me to take part really made my trip (apart from my boob’s haha). I am ever so grateful for this because otherwise I wouldn’t have done anything and probably felt like a wasted trip to another country (apart from surgery).

Dr Thanakom was great, explained everything very well, I didn’t even show him picks or anything. I trusted him to know what was best and I don’t regret it! He has done an amazing job and I am over the moon happy with them. The hospital was lovely; the nurses were friendly and polite. Having the hospitals foreign client coordinator there was a great help as well.

Overall my experience with Somnio and PIAC was exceptional and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. I would use Somnio again in a heartbeat.


My experience with Somnio group tour in October 2014 was incredible!! It was my first time out of Australia and I had no idea what to do, where to start or what to expect having surgery in a foreign country. The entire team at Somnio were amazing from start to finish with their preparation, organisation and their beautiful staff that help you and explain everything to you on your entire journey! Surgery in another country has always been questioned but choosing Somnio and going to Thailand was easily the best decision I have ever made. The surgeons are incredible at what they do and the hospital and nurses are immaculate. I have never been more confident in my appearance and happy about such a perfect job they did on my BA.

A special thank you to both Virginia and Amanda on such an amazing job they did and how comfortable they made me feel xx

Stacey BA Phuket

I was really impressed with the one on one care, the whole experience would have been a night mare doing it by myself. Thanks for all your support Virginia

Kyra BA & Dental Phuket

Fantastic overall experience that I would have no hesitation recommending Somnio or Dr Rushapol to anyone considering surgery in Phuket. Hospital was immaculate, nursing staff were organised and attentive, Dr Rushapol was very friendly, professional and took time to make sure my surgery outcome was exceptional. I am so happy with the result as is my husband who was a bit concerned at me going overseas for surgery.

Somnio staff were wonderful, everything was organised, which made the experience stress free. Going on a group tour was great, lovely people and wonderful company.

Virginia accompanied us to Phuket, any little issues we had were sorted straight away ( not that there any for me ). Lovely, approachable, professional, down to earth lady.

Would definitely recommend Somnio and would certainly go with them again if I decided on more surgery.

Barb Eyes Phuket

I have booked my surgery twice through Somnio, I went with a friend the first time and then with a tour group this time round and I would highly recommend the group tour. It very comforting knowing you have support around you and others in the same boat as you :). I highly recommend Somnio to anyone, Virginia and Tammy go above and beyond their job, thank you both 🙂

After a lot of deliberation and firing lots of questions at Somnio I took the plunge and booked myself on the May 2012 Group Tour to Phuket. I thought it would be great to be able to afford a nice place to stay by sharing accommodation with someone else. It turned out the resort was gorgeous my room mate was lovely, as were all the other woman, and it was a great decision to travel as part of group. I had the best of both worlds: time out when I wanted or chose it, and companionship when I also wanted it. Throughout the whole trip from beginning to end we were so well looked after by Somnio, they were very professional but had the personal touch whereby you could approach them about anything, and nothing was too much trouble. The girls put a very human face to an industry that can be very artificial. They cared what happened to us and it showed. From the frequent pickups and drop offs to and from the hospital, to the other medical/dental appointments they arranged, as well as the outings they organised and the meals we had together. They were our mother hens and our friends. They made a scary experience into a great one. The surgeons likewise were fantastic, so friendly and relaxed yet very professional and honest in professional opinions. Their standards in comparison to my experience of the cosmetic surgeons I consulted with on the Gold Coast were above and beyond. They had the patience required to answer all the questions I fired at them in a manner so much more endearing that what I experienced in Australia. The outcome of my breast augmentation is exactly as my surgeon said it would be only better. I was told that because of the lack of breast tissue and thinness of my skin it was almost a certainty that I would get a “rippling effect”, but haven’t. I greatly appreciated that honesty as it gave me the chance to make an informed decision regarding going ahead with surgery. I also greatly appreciated Virginias honesty regarding the size of my implants. Theres no way that the girls will give “lip service” and tell you what won’t “post surgery look appropriate”. They will be completely honest. I’m sure others in the cosmetic surgery world won’t always be so sincere. I have already recommended Somnio to one of my closest friends, so you can expect a call from her soon:)

Tracey Lipo & Eyes Phuket

My daughter and I had surgery through Somnio in January 2015, in Phuket. From the very first appointment at Southport Somnio with Amanda, we were treated with respect, listened to and advised. My daughter had breast augmentation and rhinoplasty and I had rhinoplasty.

All the staff at Somnio were lovely to deal with, very helpful and always pleasant. Through Somnio we got information from Phuket International Hospital, with advice and options from the wonderful Doctors in Phuket. The whole experience was so easy. We stayed at the Nap Patong Hotel (HIGHLY recommended) each time we had to go to and from the hospital we were picked up and taken back by the Hospital courtesy transport service, so we never had to worry about transport.

The staff at Phuket International Hospital were just wonderful, kind and caring and the facility was A1, clean and up-to-date with private rooms. The Somnio reps in Phuket – Tammy and Nicky took wonderful care of us also and were always at the end of a phone and with us at each hospital appointment.

My daughters experience of rhinoplasty was very different to mine as we didn’t have the same doctor, both doctors were excellent but had different processes in the way they carried out the surgery, all went well with both and we got wonderful results, very happy.

We would recommend to anyone wanting cosmetic surgery to use Somnio and Phuket International Hospital. (Also stay at the Nap Patong Hotel – comfiest beds ever).

I am writing to say thank you so much for everything. I am grateful for the friendly & helpful people I’ve dealt with through the whole experience & how easy & organized everything was. I did not have to lift my finger & was explained & told everything thoroughly. This was the best experience of my life – not only was the job completed by Dr Wong amazing, the customer service was outstanding – everyone really went above beyond to make you feel special & help you through it all.

So thank you for the bottom of my heart – I have already told & started recommending everyone to use both companies as I don’t see any company being any better.

K & D

Ohh we had a fantastic time, and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Somnio and PIAC – everything was absolutely fabulous, and we can’t fault anything about either of our experiences! We were so well looked after and we felt comfortable and happy throughout the whole process and we have nothing but good words to say! We have infact been raving to all our friends about it! We just wanted to say a huge thank-you to you and your team, and for everything you organized on our behalf and the way you went about everything was just amazing – we are both so happy! So much so, that if you are ever looking for some employees down in Victoria, or any help for anything, we would love to be considered! We are just so impressed, and would love to be apart of the team if you ever need anyone 🙂 You have created a great company!

T & M

Myself and Dl would like to say a huge big THANK YOU to Somnio Medical for our Breast Augmentation trip to Thailand. Everything was perfect, cannot fault a thing! We are both so happy with our new assets and everything was worry free. The hospital was clean, the nurses were so friendly and helpful. Our surgeon Dr. Rushapol was full of knowledge and listened carefully to what we wanted, he was also a funny man! We could not be happier!

Tammy was absolutely beautiful and so helpful for the both of us; she is such a lovely person and definitely makes you feel at home and comfortable being in a foreign country getting surgery – I hope you keep her with your company for a long time!

Thank you so much for making our surgery a pleasant experience, I will definitely be recommending Somnio to friends!

SA and DL

I have now been back in New Zealand for just over a week and am already missing all the friends I have made on the Somnio October Group Tour! On the other hand however, I am NOT missing my itty-bitty titties!

When I first mentioned to my mother I was going to Thailand for a breast augmentation she thought I was crazy! She asked me how on earth was I going to afford a boob job and a holiday at a “pretty flash looking resort” at the same time? Not to mention her rambling about the safety, security and hygiene problems she thought I might encounter. Little did she know, I had done my research…Well, Somnio had done my research.

Somnio Medical Holidays was mentioned by a kiwi blogger. I thought I’d have a look into it, fill out the breast enquiry form and see where it went from there. I heard back from them within a week! Because Somnio was in Australia and not NZ, I thought the process was going to take forever! However, the girls at Somnio were amazing at getting back to me ASAP. My photos were sent in mid August, surgical recommendation and surgeon was received and all was ready to go by the end of September, by Mid-October I had gone from a B to a D!

Just a few tips for Kiwi girls thinking about going with Somnio… Breast Augmentation on New Zealand would have cost me anywhere between $11,000 – $15,000 NZD (this price ranged between surgeon and type of implant – I opted for a teardrop implant which is a tad more costly). My whole trip including spending cost me about $9000NZD. Make sure you keep in contact with the girls from Somnio – they are there to help and the exchange rate can be a bit confusing.

Luckily enough I was able to get in touch with one of the girls from our group tour that was amazing! I stayed at hers and we met the rest of the group at Brisbane airport, it’s really great if you can make an effort to communicate with all the girls when going on a group tour. It puts you so much more at ease!


Thank you all so SO much for organising my AMAZING holiday! I had the best experience and i couldn’t be happier with my results 🙂 Tammy was extremely helpful and everything was so prompt and organised, i will admit i was terrified about my procedure until i met Tammy who assured me that everything will be fine, she is so lovely and supportive!!

I felt no pain what so ever and was walking around a few hours after the surgery, Dr Veerawat did an amazing job! My private hospital room was beautiful and the nurses were always so gentle and attentive.

I also need to apologise because unfortunately we had to cancel our dental appointments because we ran out of baht lol i couldn’t resist the bag shops!!

oh and the resort was so much more than what i expected! It was gorgeous, i have never stayed in accommodation as nice as the banthai.

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