Tuberous Breasts

Surgery for Tuberous Breasts

What are Tuberous breasts?

Tuberous breasts are a common developmental condition that has a widely variable impact on breast shape. They are not merely small, the deformity results in making the breasts narrow at the chest wall, giving them a long tubular shape. The large areolas are set far apart, resulting in an unnaturally wide cleavage.  If you have Tuberous Breasts then you likely also have a very small amount of breast tissue below a large, puffy nipple. The malformation can occur in a single breast or in both breasts.

Tuberous breasts are also referred to as tubular breasts, constricted breasts, oval breasts, caprine breasts, areolar hernia, hypoplasia (underdevelopment) of the lower pole or snoopy breasts.

Treatment for Tuberous Breasts

If you are suffering from this issue, you’re not alone and the good news is it’s correctable. While very little can be done to change tuberous breasts without surgery, an experienced plastic surgeon can sculpt your breasts back into a more normal shape. Your surgery options may involve:

  • Internal scoring to weaken the tight fascia around the base of your breast
  • An unfolding technique to spread out the breast tissue into the lower part of the breast, below the nipple
  • A Breast Lift to improve the placement of the nipple
  • A reduction of the size of the areola
  • Breast Augmentation with Implants may be considered in cases where the breast is underdeveloped
  • Different procedures may be performed on each breast as Tuberous Breasts are often different on each side


Is Tuberous Breasts correction surgery the same as a Breast Augmentation?

A common treatment for tuberous breasts is having breast implants placed to fill out the underdeveloped lower part of the breast, but there are considerable differences between a standard breast augmentation and tuberous breast correction. It is not merely as simple as inserting an implant, the surgeon often need to make internal incisions to release constricting tissue and expand the base width of the breast. The breast pocket may also need enlarging to accept an appropriate implant. If an implant is placed in the typical way for Breast Augmentation, you can be left with a Tuberous Breast simply perched on a mound of implant.


Risks and Benefits of surgery

The risks with the tuberous breasts correction procedure are similar to any breast surgery that involves a breast implant. In addition, it should be known that tubular breasts correction is a more challenging breast procedure and your surgeon should have extensive experience to ensure the best result. Although symmetry is the goal, it is a rare to make two perfectly symmetrical breasts but with successful tubular breasts correction surgery, your surgeon should be able to make your breasts appear wider, fuller, and more natural.

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