Tummy Tuck after a C-Section


It is quite common for women who have delivered babies via C-section to seek out a post-pregnancy tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty.

The thing that many women find so appealing about a tummy tuck, when done after they’ve finished having children, is that it takes care of many post-pregnancy issues at the same time. Not only does it flatten the tummy by removing excess fat and skin, but it can also help get rid of stretch marks and  separated and stretch abdominal muscles can be repaired.



Post-Pregnancy Tummy Tucks Offer Multiple Benefits

For a healthy woman, who has completely recovered after her pregnancy and Cesarean section, a tummy tuck can:

Re-create the pre-pregnancy figure (or even improve upon it).

Do away with C-section scars and scar tissue.

Get rid of abdominal stretch marks.

Flatten the tummy by removing excess fat.

Trim away excess skin.

Contour the waist.

Tone and strengthen the tummy and waist.

Repair separated and stretched abdominal muscles.

Enable better posture due to a well-supported core.

Produce an easily hidden scar that sits just above the pubic area and below the underwear line.


Having a Tummy Tuck After C-Section — Why Wait?

Healing from your C-section before a tummy tuck cannot be rushed. In today’s fast-moving culture, it may seem that women (especially celebrities) are bouncing back from pregnancy/C-section overnight. In reality, that’s not the case. You can expect the best outcome from your tummy tuck after your C-section if you don’t rush into it. The surgery can often be considered after about 6-12 months after a C-section, and if you’re planning to have more children, let the tummy tuck wait.

Chances are you’ll understand the need to wait, once you are actually in the situation and have given birth. Medical advice aside, many women find that waiting for things to settle down physically, emotionally and logistically after having a C-section birth just makes the most sense for them.

First of all, it allows the new mom to regain her energy and enjoy bonding time with the infant. New moms need time to revert to pre-pregnancy weight before the tummy tuck, which may not happen until after you finish breast-feeding. Weight is important when considering the timing of a tummy tuck. That’s because stable weight both before and after your tummy tuck makes the result last.

It’s also better, when recovering from your tummy tuck, if you’re not still caring for a newborn. Initial recovery from a tummy tuck takes only a week or two, but you need some more downtime to recover properly. This is not the time to be lifting your child and caring for him or her on your own. If you’re tempted to do so too soon after your tummy tuck, you might pull out stitches or otherwise delay your healing process.

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