Using an Agent vs. Going Direct

If you are thinking about getting some cosmetic surgery done abroad, then there are many clinics and facilities that one can choose from that also allow you contact directly. However, given the cost and a potential for procedures to go wrong, going direct may turn out to not be the best option for potential patients. Having someone based in your own country to be able to contact direct instead of trying to contact a non-English speaking facility is definitely peace of mind. Especially when there’s NO cost involved using their services, no having to deal with time differences, no communication barriers and genuine care. No questions asked should be to ‘silly’ and should be answered in a prompt timeframe. Agencies can also advise on many things that you may not know about, simply because they have been through almost every scenario with prior clients, and have a very good understanding of western values, needs and wants.. pre and post-surgery.

Over the course of your enquiry and booking process with your agent, you’ll form a bond, and find your agent will have an emotionally invested interest in your journey.…A good agent anyway!

Finding the Right Agent

Taking the time to research your preferred agents will give you a better picture of which one is right for you. There are now many cosmetic surgery agents serving the industry, some in it for a quick buck, others well established with professional plans in place, giving prospective clients the option of choice. On the other hand, while most are extremely helpful and reliable, not all have been established long and prospective patients should be wary of whose services they acquire.

What to look for:

  1. Do they charge a fee?
    You will find most established agencies are already earning a good commission from their Hospitals and should need to charge a ‘Book or Agent Fee’.
  2. Do they charge for transfers?
    Transfers are already included in the surgery package with the hospital. This shouldn’t be an additional charge added.
  3. Do they have staff based in Australia Full-Time and also Staff based abroad?
    This is one of the most important factors. Its one thing having the staff based in Australia for guidance and assistance pre and post surgery… BUT when your abroad its just as imperative, if not more so. Having a representative there from the company you have booked with assisting pre/during/post surgery is vital. Having the ground-care assistance means you have support at your face to face consult, a friendly face after surgery and a ‘go-to’ if something arises when abroad… someone to contact in Thailand so they can arrange for whatever means are necessary. And someone your friends and family can also contact should they have not heard from you…
  4. Do they offer Insurances?
    Does the agent offer Medical Insurance? Travel Back Warranties? Client Guarantees? If you don’t have all of the above with an agent then you are posing a bigger risk for yourself post surgery. Professional and established agents should offer all.
  5. Are they accessible 24/7?
    Is your agent accessible to you when you need them? Email, text, private message? You should be able to contact your agent at any time… somehow.
  6. Post-Care?

Ensure your agent is available for you to assist with any post care concerns and have accessibility to your surgeon IF needed for any post-surgery concerns.

Finding the right agent for your requirements is the first step in ensuring a smooth and problem-free trip. Some ways that can help include speaking with friends, family, or previous patients who have used the service before. Online reviews and their website can also give you a better picture of who to trust with your money and your health.

Benefits of Using a Cosmetic Surgery Agent

As mentioned above, the benefits of using an agent to help you plan your cosmetic surgery trip includes professional assistance with finding the best surgeons and a smooth, hassle-free process. Once you have done your due diligence and found an agent you can trust, the biggest benefit is the peace of mind that comes from using reputable professionals.

Agents will not only help with advice on the best surgeons and practitioners to use for your procedure, they will also guide you through the process of arranging for your surgery. Everything including travel, accommodation, your medical procedure and even activities during your stay will be taken care of for you. A good agent will also offer tailor-made packages that suit your budget and may even offer assistance with allocated hands-on staff whilst overseas as added reassurance.

Another benefit is that because all the arrangements are taken care of for you, it leaves you with the time and mental space to prepare for your surgery.

If you’re thinking or planning for a cosmetic surgery procedure abroad but are unsure where to begin, then as mentioned above, professional agents such as Somnio Medical are a good place to start planning for your trip.