What is Rhinoplasty and the different Types

What is Rhinoplasty- A Simplified Guide

Rhinoplasty (also known as nose surgery) is the surgical procedure used to reconstruct the shape of the nose. You can opt to have the surgery for a number of reasons, including:

  • Involves an incision inside of each nostril, joined by an incision externally across the thin bridge of nose between the nostrils.


  • A technique where the surgeon elects to make nasal shape changes via an incision inside the nose and with no external incisions.


  • Performed if the nose is crooked from frontal view and a change of shape is desired or if the crookedness of the septum is blocking the nose and is making the nose crooked in external appearance.


  • Performed internally without any rhinoplasty if the septum is crooked and blocking the nasal airway but the nose is straight on the outside and does not need shape change.


  • A cosmetic surgical procedure that involves changing the shape of the Asian nose by shortening, lengthening, narrowing the nostrils or lifting and defining the tip. Asian Rhinoplasty can change the bone structure or the cartilage of the nose.


  • Is a cosmetic surgical procedure wherein the nasal bone and other underlying structure is scrapped or shaved to make the nose appear smaller and appealing to look at.