Why have dental implants become so popular? 

There has been a growing trend in the use of dental implants of late, with many clinics in Thailand offering this popular dental treatment. For people who have lived with cracked or broken teeth, or resorted to dentures, the chance to have a set of natural and good looking molars, carried out in a relatively short space of time, has been a lifesaver for many.


What are dental implants?

Thailand dentists have been carrying out this procedure for a number of years with excellent results. Imparts are screwed into the bone and then used to support one or more false teeth. It is like having your own tooth back because, like the root of a tooth, the implant is placed within the jawbone.

Implants versus dentures

For a number of years, a dental plate or dentures was the only answer to missing teeth. Wearing a bridge plate can be uncomfortable as it can rub on the roof of the mouth, causing sores. Dentures have to be regularly taken out and cleaned, and usually left overnight to soak in a denture solution. Sometimes wearers would need to use a dental fixative to stop the teeth moving around when they were speaking or eating. Often hard or chewy foods had to be avoided because it would cause dentures to break, and some dentures were so shiny white and gleaming that it was obvious the wearer had artificial teeth.

Dental implants provide a lot more advantages than the traditional dentures, particularly when it comes to how they look and function. Teeth are more natural looking, and impact supported full bridges are more comfortable and stable so that the wearer retains a natural biting and chewing motion. As implants are placed in the jawbone replacing the original tooth root, it helps to ensure preservation of the jawbone. With dentures there is gradual loss of the bone, so that eventually a slight sunken aspect to the face and smile is visible.


Dental implants in Thailand

Dental tourism is on the increase, with a number of experienced dental surgeons in countries such as Thailand performing this procedure. As with all cosmetic work, it is important that you book treatments with only qualified practitioners. Many will be happy to showcase the work they have carried out and will talk patients through this process at the initial consultation.

Not everyone will need a full set of dental implants, but in cases due to accidents or injury, dental surgeons will be able to advise on the best way forward. It is important that implants are placed into healthy bone and at first implants with temporary crowns will be implanted. Time is then needed for the bone and the implant to bond together. Depending on the number of implants a connecting device is fitted that will hold the new teeth. The final part of the process is for the full dentures of bridges to be created and attached to small metal posts or the connecting device.

Want to know more? To smile with confidence, consider dental implants and make an appointment with a trusted practitioner today.